Butter makes it better

Truth be told, we were a little doubtful at first: Brazilian-French cuisine? – A rather daring and unusual combination. We had tried to combine our culinary Brazil-experience (washing down black bean stew with beer for a week during carnival) with French gastronomic indulgence (everything land and sea has to offer from Kir Royal to Délice de Bourgogne) and failed miserably. But the Butterhandlung in Friedrichshain tells a very different story: this combo is extremely palatable indeed! Right from the start, the restaurant lives up to its name serving fresh bread with a selection of three different butter-varieties as a complementary appetiser. In olden days, this is where they used to make butter – today, it’s where it is cultivated, for example with truffles. Truffles play a major part here in general. If you order anything with truffles, you will definitely get truffles. And not just a few splashes of truffle-flavoured oil but rather a generous portion of the precious black diamonds. A professional (yet non-committal) wine or beer recommendation comes with every dish you choose – be it fish, meat or completely vegan. Non-drinkers will be rewarded with the fabulous Castro Street Lemonade that tastes like a summer holiday. Later on, the Bar Bobu, which is located at the back of the Butterhandlung, invites you to sip on swanky cocktails alongside live music and enjoy a charming jazzy vibe. Finally, Friedrichshain is getting what it deserves: a respectable restaurant that serves delicious food in a cosy atmosphere with an incredibly sophisticated staff far beyond the half-hearted monosodium glutamate hubs a few blocks away.
Butterhandlung | Scharnweberstraße 54, 10245 Berlin |