Happy Birthday to us!


The best bit about birthdays isn’t the presents, it’s celebrating together with old and new friends, companions and inspiring people. Aren’t we lucky to have not one but two occasions to celebrate this week! Yesterday three years ago, we started into this adventure called muxmäuschenwild and took it from our dining room to the co-working space in the back room of a small vegan café in Berlin Neukölln (shout out to the lovely ladies at Pele Male!), on to the Linienstrasse and finally here, our fabulous and spacious studio in beautiful Bötzowkiez. Here we are now, three years on, the best team of the world gathered around us, living and loving what we do for ourselves and our many many fantastic clients. It’s either chance or destiny that our agency anniversary falls on Julia’s birthday – founder, heart, soul and face of muxmäuschenwild. We want to celebrate this duly, cheerfully and above all: with you! Looking back on the past three years makes us proud as punch and we are so excited about all the great things that lie ahead. We know that we wouldn’t be where we are today without you – we want to say “thank you” and drink to the shared journey on Sunday, May 8th. According to the Weather-God, our fabulous birthday brunch in the Volkspark Friedrichshain, right around the corner from us, will be blessed with the most beautiful May weather. Under the cherry tree at the little pond, not far from the “Alte Fritz” between Freiluftkino and Pavillon, our balloons will be swaying in the gentle spring breeze. Have a seat at our festively decorated and plentifully laid table and listen to the music of our new favourite artists Alexander Dorenberg, Mark Widdowson and Gillian Grassie, who will be playing live for us. Indulge at the marshmallow-grill-station, weave colourful flowers into your hair and capture the moment at our MMW photo booth. We’ll treat you to Jules Mumm, BRLO and Schnaps, foodora, Jubel and the Ofenkatze are taking care of sweet and savoury goodies. Now, all that’s missing is you. So grab your dearest, a bottle of booze and Grannie’s noodle salad (or whatever you think belongs to a good and proper brunch) and come on over! We’re thrilled to bits and so look forward to spending this beautiful day with you! #mmw3
muxmäuschenwild Birthday Brunch | At the little pond in the Volkspark Friedrichshain, 10249 Berlin | Facebook

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Serious nesting


Serious nesting

Last Saturday, we went out for breakfast. And what a feast it was! The smell of freshly brewed coffee filled the air, the sun cast a ray of light on our table, boldly shimmering in a glass of sweet orange juice and bestowing our plate of Eggs Benedict with a becoming halo. Okay, we might be getting just a little off topic here, but this is exactly what happens when you sit down to what might be the most elaborate meal of the day in the wonderful Café Nest across from Görlitzer Park. Sure, you can stop by here any time of day, but the breakfast, oh my, the breakfast… there are nine different creations on offer daily – from strictly vegan over French Toast to apple muesli. And on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., all sorts of mouth-watering hot dishes are served up including poached eggs on a toasted muffin with either rosemary-seasoned ham, smoked salmon or leaf spinach and topped off with a homemade sauce Hollandaise for example, or traditional Weißwurst or a full English fry-up. Our favourite breakfast-combo for two is the vegan breakfast, which consists of sliced avocado, delicious spreads, smoked tofu and a fantastic fruit salad paired with the Eggs Atlantic with salmon and fresh dill. Sooooo good. Every once in a while, the Nest also offers Israeli specials like Schakschuka and on Sundays, there’s a huge Brunch buffet. Coffee, tea, juice, service and the place itself (including 23 co-working spaces upstairs) are without a doubt among the best the city has to offer. So there you have it – the perfect feel-good breakfast venue. Over and out. And bete’avon!
Nest café and restaurant | Görlitzer Str. 52, 10997 Berlin | Mon-Sun from 10 a.m. | www.cafenest.de


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