What a party that was two years ago, a real bash! We pitched our giant white Zendome right in the middle of the Torstraße in Berlin, built grandstands and seating from hand-painted palettes, hung metres and metres of hand-made flag-bunting, installed bar, foosball table and ping pong table, served changing street food or lovingly grilled Bratwurst or tofu sausages. The rest is history, Germany is World Cup Champion, the fourth star has been pinned to the lapel. There’s no doubt that our muxmäuschenwild World Cup STUDIO was and still is one of our all-time highlights. And presto, it’s now 2016 and the UEFA Euro has begun and we don’t have our own public viewing area this year. Unfortunately. Or fortunately? Because this way, we can enjoy the matches, cool beer in hand, at the nicest viewing places our friends have to offer. The ELF FREUNDE EM Quartier is a must and with the Astra, the Lido and the Binuu, it covers three strategically important positions in the central midfield. The leader of the pack, if you will. (Excuse us, have you seen the façade of the Lido?!) Regular spot, guaranteed because fabulous. Also great and just as experienced in tournaments: the DIM Arena in the Oranienstraße in Kreuzberg. The Imaginäre Manufaktur, known for design with social background in football-free times, has brought together a team of people with and without handicaps in the back yard of the former home for the blind. Accompanied by grilled goods and refreshing drinks, the large screen delivers the images for cheering and celebrating. Last but not least the newest member of the team: the construction site beer garden set up by our friends from BRLO, who will be opening their own BRLO BRWHOUSE right next to the Park at the Gleisdreieck soon. Craft beer straight from the tap and football? We have a match! Now it’s time to cross your fingers for Germany or Poland or whoever you’re rooting for. May the best team win and Thomas Müller shoot the winning goal at the end. Olé!
ELF FREUNDE EM Quartier | Astra, Lido, Binuu | | DIM Arena | Oranienstr. 26, 10999 Berlin | | BRLO BRWHOUSE Biergarten Baustelle | Schöneberger Str. 16, 10963 Berlin | Facebook