…is the car again? And where are the house keys hiding this time? Has my phone really been stolen now? We suppose there are significant statistics about how much valuable time of our lives is eaten up by looking for things we have misplaced, lost, given away or let someone steal. When we could be doing so much nicer things… Driving the car, for example, or locking the front door while chatting with friends on the phone. The smart-location company Tile has developed a petite and pretty Bluetooth-tracker that makes sure the supposedly lost things get in touch with us when they can’t be found. The »Tile Mate« is a flat chip with an eyelet that you can hang on your key chain, stick to your bike or strap on to your handbag. Using the Tile app on your phone, you can reach out to the tile which then answers with a selected ringtone to catch your attention. Or – as in the case of the whereverthehellparked car – shows you where it is on a map. It works vice versa, too, when it’s the phone you’re looking for. Click the Tile and your phone answers. Even in silent mode. That works half a million times per day, in 200 countries worldwide. Because losing things isn’t a phenomenon that only happens within your own four walls. In that case, the global tile community can help. And give a shout out when the object has been found. Like with Ryan’s photo equipment. When the American photographer returned from a conference in Dubai and his camera didn’t, he was informed by the community just a short while later where the apple of his eye was: In Zurich. Well, whaddayaknow…
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