Flower Power

Lush colours, bright petals, delicate grass, luscious green, spring like blaze of colour… Flowers make the world more beautiful. And because we know, from years of collective experience, that it makes no sense to wait for someone to give you some, we prefer to get them ourselves. And this is how: With Bloomon, you subscribe to fresh flowers. And we’re not talking about some puny specimens thrown together carelessly in a 1980s bouquet like the ones you can find at dismal suburban petrol stations (no offense!), we mean fresh, seasonal blossoms in breezy, natural, straight-from-the-meadow arrangements. Responsible for this wonderful flowerage is bloom-virtuoso Anton van Duijn, who comes up with new works of art and nature each week. This clever idea stems from three Dutchmen, Patrick, Bart und Koen. As if their nationality didn’t already give them enough affinity for flowers, Patrick comes from a long line of passionate bloom growers and knows what’s what. And that’s why with this subscription, things go a little differently. And by different we mean better. The flowers are picked directly from the field in their sleep so that they can wake up in our home or office within one day. Bloomon does without vendors and storage and can therefore guarantee longer lasting fresh bouquets in their domestic destinations. Just choose the size of the bouquets (S, M or L) and the frequency of delivery. And then you’re all set! And if you don’t want to give your flowers away while you’re on holiday, just pause the subscription.
Bloomon – Flowers on repeat | available in three sizes S (23,95€), M (27,95€) and L (34,95€) |  www.bloomon.de