Office Survival Food

Come on, let’s be honest: when work piles up and our brains are doing overtime, it’s rarely the healthy stuff that finds its way into our mouth to boost our energy level. But the other day, we visited one our clients in Hamburg and made quite a discovery. In between candy bars and chocolates, we found little boxes filled with goodies that looked like crisps in form of vegetables like beans, carrots and potatoes. And sure enough, that’s exactly what they were! Trail mix – reloaded. The company BiteBox offers a large variety of healthy snacks with natural ingredients such as nuts, dried fruits and seeds. Each mixture has its own flavour ranging from refined to hearty, from soft to crunchy and from sweet to sour. There are up to 36 different snack combos to choose from – all of them vegetarian, some vegan, none boring. You can order your subscription of office survival food online and have it delivered weekly. The trick is to fill in a checklist with your favourite flavours, to make sure you get the most of each delivery. Our snacking profile is developing pretty fast… Office flat rate: Check! Oh, and you can also buy these delicious snacks in selected shops and delis. So go see your local dealer and snack away – all week long! We’re giving away a little BiteBox to three of the greatest snack-lovers out there. Send an email titled “SNACK IN A BOX” to Wow!
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