There are things that are simply practical. Elevators, for example. Velcro. The juicer. Or coffee capsules. The problem with the latter: they produce an incredible amount of rubbish and cause a more and more guilty conscience with every cup. Indulgence yes, ecocide no! The start-up Velibre produces sustainable organic fair trade coffee in Nespresso-compatible, bio-degradable coffee capsules from bio plastics. Makes you want to shout FINALLYYYYYY!!! And why on earth did it take so long? We had to wait for small start-up in Bremen to bring the coffee capsule world up to speed with the year 2016. Velibre uses neither genetically modified resources nor ones that rival farming spaces for food. The packaging is bio-degradable from A to Z: the capsules start decomposing in the ground at room temperature and in no way afflict the ecosystem. The velibre assortment has five flavours. Be it pure Arabica variations or melanges of Arabica and Robusta, for lungo or espresso: the high-quality certified organic coffee will satisfy any taste. We tested, sipped and liked. What else?!
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