The pure, the sheer, the beautiful

There’s this place in the region Damyang south of Seoul, capital of Korea. In the middle of untouched nature and endless bamboo forests lies the small factory of BINU. The word BINU is Korean for soap. If you’ve ever been to this wondrous and mysterious Asian country, if you’ve encountered the culture and the people, you’ll know which high significance is given to the care of one’s body, face and skin. You’d could almost say ritualistic. That’s why traditionally hand-made toiletry products from Korea belong to the best things you can treat yourself and your body to. With effective, natural ingredients, the world’s oldest detergent is constantly developed and re-interpreted. The Berliners Katharina Bürger and Nami Fündling, born in Korea, are bringing a fresh portion of this cultural asset to Germany with their newly launched brand BINU. Their wonderful, fragrantly foaming facial soaps are the end-all, be-all when it comes to cleaning your face effectively and providing it with abundant care. The secret? Ingredients not seen often in these parts, for example bamboo leaf powder, bamboo active carbon and Hinoki water, pair up with top quality native and essential oils to leave your skin soft, stress-relieved and thoroughly clean. The BAMBOO CHARCOAL FACIAL SOAP, for example, is a vegan black detox soap with bamboo active carbon and is best for a deep-down facial clean for skin prone to blemishing. If you have normal to mature skin and are looking for an additional moisture-boost, the BAMBOO FACIAL SOAP will do the trick. With fine bamboo leaf powder, essential osmanthus, shea butter and ylang-ylang oil it gives your face a moisture-regulating cleanse with an anti-aging effect. A warm recommendation for particularly dry skin is the FACIAL SOAP with native coconut, olive and sunflower oil as well as calendula. Well-known as a proven beauty aide, this ingredient is not only anti-inflammatory but can also repair damages caused by photo ageing. The added blossoms have a gentle peeling effect and the essential lavender oils smoothen and disinfect the skin. Goodness, just reading this makes you feel years younger and more beautiful, doesn’t it?! You can buy this clean threesome at a price of 22,90 Euro per piece (they last forever!), exclusively available online at And we’re giving away 3 x 1 bar of soap to the particularly cleanly among you. Send an email titled ‚SOAP STAR‘ to Oh, and these beauties are, of course, also suited for cleaning your whole body and shaving, by the way.
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