Boat for Sara

Boat for Sara

Singer-Songwriter Jim Kroft just recently returned from Idomeni, the epicentre of the refugee crisis, that he visited as part of his travel and music project JOURNEYS with the photographer Bastian Fischer from Berlin. The stay there left a mark. Night after night, he helped the volunteers on the shores to pull drowning people from the waves – until he held an unconscious girl in his own arms. The girl, Sara, didn’t die. She woke up and found her way back to her parents. That was when the resolution to do more grew in Jim. In his empathetic and humane manner, he documented his experiences, recorded his new album in just 48 hours and wrapped all these stories up in wonderful music. You can listen to them on April 8th, when he will be performing them at his concert at Bi Nuu in Berlin. 100% of the proceeds from album sales and concert go to the charitable foundation PROEM-AID that rescues sinking refugees from the sea on the shores of Lesbos. In addition, Jim, who we know from joint concerts, started the crowd-funding campaign »Boat for Sara« and is raising money for a new and better boat for the helpers on site. Sara, that rings a bell, right? Right! The campaign will continue for another two weeks. Give and help, if you please!
Jim Kroft – Boat for Sara | April 8th at 8 pm | Bi Nuu, At U-Bahnhof Schlesisches Tor, 10997 Berlin | Facebook



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Life is not a … subway station

Life is not a… subway station.

Once again the freezing winter cold is making life extremely hard for people on the streets. Whether by choice or forced, several thousands of people spend the whole winter with no roof over their heads, regardless of how cold it is. The awareness and fundraising campaign “One Warm Winter”, brought to life by Friends with Benefits, street-magazine “strassenfeger” and advertising agency DOJO, has been making contributions for years in the most berlinesque way possible: without the finger-wagging but with lots of cool faces instead. Thanks to Marteria, Palina and co, the “Das Leben ist kein U-Bahnhof”-sweater is a must-have even among the most stylish of hipsters. See what other great items you can shop here. And this Friday the booziest charity-party of all is returning… While some people only associate charity with social agenda, the prominent contributors get straight to the point. Besides PALINA ROJINSKI, LARY and BALBINA the One-Warm-Winter-Festival is bustling with secret special acts. Led into the great depths of the chardonnay-charity scene by the enchanting voice of VISA VIE, they all make it their mission to bring you the hottest night of the year yet. Show up, spend some money, and make helpies – not selfies. Bravo!

ONE WARM WINTER x MUSCHI KREUZBERG – Benefits Festival 2015 | Fri., 20.02., from 19h, BiNuu am Schlesischen Tor, 10997 Berlin | Facebook Eventlink |

One Warm Winter


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