Here’s lookin‘ at you, kid.

Forget geek goggles and NHS specs – glasses are a fashion statement, an accessory with zeitgeist, an eye-catcher with character, expression of trendiness and class. The British spectacle label Archibald Optics can usually only be found online. The claim oft he London-based eyewear label is high quality at an affordable price. The currently 16 models are produced in Fukui, the stronghold of Japanese optical glass craftsmanship. In 200 steps, absolute professionals craft high-class acetate or titanium frames and lenses, either extremely honed or coated with UV400, from British design and regional materials. The finished piece then costs between 200 and 500 Euro, that’s including everything, mind you. Archibald is strict about avoiding vendors which drastically reduces costs. Even though the glasses all sport the classic and timeless look of London in the 60s, they do have to fit the face and match different styles. For those who prefer the hands-on approach to finding the right look, the online shop offers a »Home Try-on-Kit« with three models that be tried on and combined with the contents of your wardrobe. Once you have decided on a model, you enter your optical details online and receive your tailor-made high quality specs in less than two weeks. On April 4th, Archibald opened its first pop-up store ever in the middle of Berlin and will be celebrating that three days later. So if you want to take a closer look at how British design and Japanese craftsmanship go together, just drop by the vanguard shop. And do it on April 7th for the opening party if you’re looking for drinks, music and inspiration to boot.
Archibald Optics Pop Up Store | Brunnenstraße 195, 10119 Berlin | Mon.-Sat., 11 pm – 9 pm | Opening Party, April 7th at 7 pm |