Father, dear father, can you not see? „I feel something strange happening to me. As if I had small holes“. Says André, a widower in his seventies, who is slowly losing his orientation in life. André is “the father“, the protagonist of Florian Zellers play “Der Vater”, that is being performed with great success on stages throughout Europe since 2014. In the Renaissance-Theater, Walter Kreye is now portraying André, a man losing his grip, being pulled in more and more by the disease Alzheimer’s, losing touch with himself, with his surroundings, with the present. He is living a life in which space and time increasingly lose their meaning. Surrounding him are the people of his daily life, his daughters, his son-in-law, more and more nurses, all trying to help him achieve what the proud patriarch find’s increasingly difficult: a normal life. But what’s normal, anyway? The highly decorated French novelist and playwright Zeller has managed to turn psychologically depressing, nightmarish material into an almost comedic farce about the power of perspective. The audience experiences 15 elaborately interlaced scenes from the perspectives of the increasingly dement André and are forced to take his view on his surroundings, to see what he sees, to recognise who he recognises, to believe what he believes. Different actors are appearing in the same role or change their appearance during the evening, making you lose your belief in reality in the audience, as well. We’re giving away two pairs of tickets for the performance on December 8th at 8 pm. Send us an email headlining “WHO AM I AND IF SO, HOW MANY?” to
Der Vater | December 1st to 11th, 2016 | Renaissance Theater Berlin, Knesebeckstraße 100, 106623 Berlin | Tickets