Pasta aus Riementang-Algen, Garnelen und Estragonsahne

I was blind but now I sea Pasta!

I spy with my little eye… something long and thin that goes perfectly with sauces, fish, meat and vegetables and is unbelievably delicious. Yup, you’ve got it! Well, actually no… OK, it’s complicated. Let’s try a different angle. What if there was something that looks like pasta, feels like it, tastes like it, is made of a renewable, 100% natural material that can be used from a raw und unprocessed state, is vegan, gluten free and sustainable, packed with antioxidants, polyunsaturated fatty acids, fibre, vitamins and minerals AND has much, much less calories and carbohydrates? Yes, that would be awesome! And of course you’re guessing where this long and sassy list is leading you, because yes, I Sea Pasta really does exist. And this is how that happened. One day, Willem, in his capacity as one of the nicest Dutch people since Marijke Amado, made an interesting discovery during his holiday in Spain: to his great disappointment, his order of seaweed-pasta-salad seemed at first sight to only include a whole lot of pasta and none of the promised maritime plants. Until he noticed that the green „fettuccine“ were in fact pure seaweeds in disguise. Which brought him to a brilliant idea: if seaweed is such a good substitute for pasta and isn’t just the newest culinary fad but also a great way to feed many people with a natural resource and little effort, why not make this plant the new star on the plate? The self-experiment was a success, his children were thrilled and I Sea Pasta became the newest economic and culinary super trend in our neighbouring country. After successful crowd funding in 2015, I Sea Pasta is now available at over 250 supermarkets in the Netherlands, Australia and UK. Now, the seaweed-noodle is also debuting in Germany and looks like it might become the most exciting alternative to the conventional original. We have spent the last couple of weeks over-indulging with them and are becoming more and more crafty with the recipes. Because interestingly, the taste and texture change depending on method and duration of cooking. Challenge accepted! And in this spirit: some sea weed. We sea more!
I Sea Pasta von Seamore | 5,95 Euro / 100g packet (feeds five!) | | Photo: Jan Wischnewski