What lies beneath the skin

Have a look in the mirror. Look at your face. Take your time and look closely. That’s you. With all your experiences, your emotions, fears and worries, your joy, your victories and defeats. Life leaves traces and marks on our skin that reveal so much more about us, our thoughts and moods than we are aware of. Close your eyes. What do you see now? What are you feeling? During the holidays we had an experience that has changed many things in us forever. We met with Jana and went on a journey with her. A journey to our inner self. Jana offers something that at the first glance might seem a bit strange but – without a doubt – on second glance becomes as logical and self-evident as ever. Jana’s treatment «Unter der Haut« (under the skin) is a unique combination of a soothing and cleansing facial, and a coaching and energy clearing session. The calming touch to the skin alone puts us in a state of total relaxation, but the things Jana reads in our soul is beyond all imagination. Instead of sitting face to face as you would during a traditional coaching session, you’ll keep your eyes shut and quietly withdraw into yourself. This is particularly helpful for both parties to really get to the core. Jana helps to overcome any shyness and hesitance and carefully establishes how far she can go. Please get us right: we’re not talking clairvoyance or spiritual mumbo jumbo here. It’s not at all about soul striptease or revealing your innermost secrets. Just let Jana do the talking and soon enough a whole lot of things naturally dissolve and become clean and pure – internally and externally. We are very grateful for this incredible experience and urge absolutely everybody – yes, this offer is also available for men and you can choose either the facial or the coaching if you like – to indulge in this remarkable situation, evolve and get to know yourself better. This might sound a bit firm, but that is just how serious we are about it. Whoever is interested in the new healing trend should also checkout the wonderful Agape Zoe Festival at the end of January which we’re also supporting in PR matters. So, come on all you body workers, urban gurus, story tellers and adventurers, 2016 is about healing and personal growth. Hello life, we’re ready for the next level.
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