Friends sitting together, laughing, enjoying green tee spiced with cardamom and saffron.  They are tasting the best fruits from over 60 sorts of grapes, enjoying aromatic watermelons and refreshing themselves with rich, juicy pomegranates. These friends are sitting in Kabul. Afghanistan is not just desert and conflict, war and extremism, oppression and poverty. Afghanistan is rich. In tradition. In history. In hospitality. And in culinary treasure. In Berlin, two friends are also sitting together, their names are Salem and Gernot. Maybe they’re having beer or a Club-Mate. And are realising that helping refugees in Europe is important and necessary. But that it is almost even more important to render a peaceful future possible to people living in areas affected by conflict. This insight led them to establish Conflictfood. This distinguished start-up brings traditional agricultural products straight from countries in conflict onto our tables. Saffron, for example, the “red gold” from Afghanistan. During the war against the occupying power Russia, millions of Afghans fled to neighbouring Iran, the largest producer of saffron worldwide. When things calmed down in their home country, they returned with saffron bulbs and new knowledge. The cultivation of this crocus plant in rural areas has peace-making potential and could replace the large-scale cultivation of opium. Saffron has high yields and has an equally established market. Afghan Saffron is one of the best available today. In the Conflictfood shop, you can buy 1 gram of the red gold for 19 Euro. With your own indulgence, you can support the initiative in building up a long-term economic collaboration with people in areas suffering from conflict and therefore contribute to the emancipation of the local population. And, not least, Conflictfood wants to tell the other stories from areas of crisis. The stories of people, of families, of friends who laugh and joke, dance and work, eat and celebrate, live their daily lives and: want to stay. By the way, the next product coming up to sale in the Conflictfood shop is aromatic olive oil from Palestine. Here’s to international relations!
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