Come on darling, the plane is waiting! Ye-hes, just quickly printing my sunglasses! Okay, it’s not quite that fast and easy, but almost. Lea and Hans-Christian from PROJEKT SAMSEN in Berlin love fiddling about and tinkering with re-interpreting, changing and further developing every day products. As happened with the afore mentioned sunglasses.  Because if they’re concerned, the stylish accessory doesn’t come out of a Chinese plastic factory but out of their own 3D printer. The designed glasses not only look extremely good (frosted, baby!), but they are also literally monolithic and made without screws. Monoframe, the experts say. The lenses are made by Carl Zeiss and are, just like the frames, made of hard-wearing nylon. Because the entire product is built up in layers out of nothing, there are no clippings or waste. What a way to conserve resources!  In addition, the unisex models, simply called A, B, C, D and E and available in various colours, snuggle up to the nasal bone ever so gently with their 17 (yes, that’s seventeen!) grams of weight.  They are produced individually and on demand. We think that’s really great and are thrilled to give away a model C in anthracite to the particularly keen sunbathers amongst you. Send us an email titled ‚I WEAR MY SUNGLASSES ALWAYS‘ to
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