Sweet Talk


Sweet Talk

Once upon a time, not that long ago, there was a man who was in his prime. His name was Johan Bülow and he lived in the small, picturesque town Svaneke on the Danish island Bornholm. Johan was an ambitious man with many ideas and visions, but above all one great passion: liquorice. Was sounds like the beginning of a Hans Christian Andersen story is the actual the truth about the success story of Lakrids. For over 5000 years, liquorice root has been used as medicine in China and that’s almost as long as liquorice has been enjoyed as a sweet treat across the continents. Johan, however, saw so much more potential in the sweet black root. And so, after various meticulous brewing attempts in a battered stainless steel pot, he ended up developing Lakrids, the world’s first gourmet liquorice, almost 10 years ago.
Beyond the pure, salmiac indulgence, this liquorice is made for spicing up and sweetening dishes of any kind, for enriching marinades and for giving drinks, ice cream and salad dressings that special twist. The foundation are carefully selected ingredients. Johan obtains the liquorice roots from the best farmers in Afghanistan, Iraq and Italy. They are enriched with local products whenever possible. Even the Chili Habanera comes from an organic Danish nursery. As an inspiration for eating and drinking with liquorice, Johan has put together 72 recipes in a book. Bacon salad with pomegranate and liquorice? Oh yes. Chocolate truffles with liquorice caramel? Most definitely. A »Black Blossom« made of Gin, elderflower, lime juice and fruity red liquorice? Absolutely! And they lived sweetly ever after.


Lakrids by Johan Bülow | Gourmet liquorice in various shapes and sizes, from 6 Euro | www.lakrids.nu | Facebook


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