Schleck, dance, repeat.

Who says you have to drink alcohol. Alright, some studies still insist that a small glass a day could actually be good for your health – but then there are other studies stating that those studies are based on lapidary statistical errors. Whatever the case may be: Were not getting into that debate, because that’s not the one we mean. The real question is not why must we drink ALCOHOL, but why must we DRINK alcohol. Exactly! And suddenly, you are stumped. Because there are some good alternatives. Especially with the Summer on its way, because mild evenings and hot nights call for Mojito Popsicles. Or a lick-able Gin Tonic. Or – because cucumber is the arugula of the 2000s – a Moscow Mule straight out of the freezer.  In short: Frozen drinks from SchleckDruff, an idea born from a hangover of the founders Felix Riederer and Alexander Katz, made in Berlin. The long drink and cocktail popsicles with an alcohol volume percent of 11.5 are all the rage at festivals, but are also a formidable choice for home parties, sweating it out dancing in clubs or as a stylish supplement at the barbecues coming up this summer. When the alcohol takes the route via the mucous membranes, the drinks have a more direct effect – they hit you faster but not for quite so long. Enjoy some laced licks with this ice cream for grown-ups.
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