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Paul Aiden Perry

The 2 minutes-interview


Paul Aidan Perry isn’t Paul Aidan Perry’s real name – it’s somehow different and only partially, or was it the other way round? Anyway, Paul is what’s hot right now in photography. We would even go as far as stating that he is one of our absolutely favourite photographers. Why?  He works with contemporary looks without hiding behind them. He delivers on point and then some. His images are about content, about discovery – he even manages to smuggle a small story into an editorial series. We got to know him in action, so to speak. He visited us in the studio and at home for BLONDE Magazine, camera in tow. If you’re interested in seeing how we live, you can see the whole story here. We had so much fun with him that we invited him and his girlfriend/muse Anna to stay for dinner. We can justifiably state that Paul is the vegetarian with the kinkiest preferences on this entire planet. Or what is your take on the Fry-Kebab – a kebab filled with nothing but french fries and garlic sauce? You just gotta love that. Oh, and in just one week we’ll be getting on a boat with him to shoot a campaign for a fabulous new client. But that’s all we’ll tell for now…


Name: Paul Aidan Perry
Age: 29
Location: Berlin
Job: Photographer & Retoucher
Shoe size: 47,5 bis 48,5
Favourite food: anything with potatoes
Contact: /

What is your definition of beauty?
Function, straightforwardness and certainly perfection. Perfection is a wonderful repository of imperfection, by the way.


Who or what inspires you?
Unplanned moments  – there is no better source of inspiration.


Are you better at getting things started or finishing things?
I’m usually the all-in-or-nothing type – most of the time. I hate prototypes and always try to think of everything the first time round. That occasionally causes just a slight delay…


What makes a good picture?
There are two different approaches that impress me. Extremely reduced images or the precise moment.  Usually photo reportages find their way to me though.


Digital or analogue?
Whatever suits the moment best! I like both.


Why are you a photographer?
Do you want the sexy or the honest version?


Your biggest success so far?
To always keep questioning and optimizing my own work. So far so good.


What aren’t you good at all?
– Waiting a second
– Lying on the beach and doing nothing
– Sitting still
There is definitely a pattern…


What would you like to accomplish?
Always keep moving to change my perspective. Anything else is a bonus.


The strangest/funniest/craziest moment of your career?
A car smashed my brand-new camera, while I was trying to save a little kitten that was trapped in a window. I got to keep the kitten afterwards.

Share a magical place!
We have a tiny little room where we keep everything in black boxes, which are labelled just like at an archaeologic dig. The question is not whether I have it, but where.


Do you hang up your own photographs at home?
Yes, they were on special offer.


Can you sing?
I bought a guitar the other day.


Which personality would you like to portray?
All dictators in one single picture – like a class photo.


Which piece of art would you like to call your own?
I’d like to have a white marble gravestone.


What would you cook for us if we visited you at home?
Something with potatoes. You might be able to detect a pattern here…


What are you afraid of?
That changes everyday. In general, I don’t like rough surfaces. Textured paper is okay, I guess.


What super power would you like to have?
Being able to fly.


What should no one know about you?
Nobody should know that.


Which question should we have asked?
Why were you on the cover of a teenage magazine at the age of fifteen?


Last Words:
Too often, they are melodramatic. I love chocolate.


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