Out of Space

Out of Space

René Seppeur and Matthias Groo obviously had too much money. Or let’s say they didn’t have enough space for their money. Either way, the Students from Bayreuth have developed the smallest wallet ever: the Space Wallet. A wallet consisting of an elastic textile band and a leather compartment (there is a leatherette version for vegans) no bigger than a credit card but offering enough space for at least 15 of them plus a driver’s licence, bank notes, coins, receipts and scraps of paper. Say goodbye to bulging pockets! The smallest version for a slim 19,90 Euro holds up to 15 cheque cards, 20 bank notes and six coins. The larger 2.0 version for 29,90 Euro holds twice as much and has an extra compartment. Both come either with an elastic band or a press-stud fastening. The Franconian duo has already sold 10.000 pieces and that is just the tip of the iceberg – we’re thinking Space Wallet Kingdom… Kind of makes you wonder whether the two of them have travelled through space and time from a far way galaxy. But in the end, it doesn’t really matter – they’ve come in peace and brought us the best travel and festival accessory we’ve ever seen. We’re giving away 3 awesome 2.0 Push Space Wallets to the most unorganised among you. Send an email titled MESSAGE IN A POCKET to hurra@muxmaeuschenwild.de.


Space Wallet | Preis 19,90 – 29,90 Euro | spacewallet.de | Online Shop



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