One beautiful without everything to go, please!


Good make-up that really flatters your expression, does your face good and lasts has to be possible without. Without animal testing, without chemistry, without synthetic preservatives. That’s what Berlin makeup artist Christina and the marketing hero Stephanie agreed. They got to work, fiddled and experimented, pottered about and tested – on friends, on family, on models. And the result answers to the fairy tale name of UND GRETEL and is, in our opinion, the cat’s whiskers in soul-brightening beautification. The high-quality, consciously reduced and carefully balanced range includes all the products a complete makeup needs: foundation and powder, eye makeup and lip colours – decorative cosmetics for every day and long Berlin nights, inspired by and originating from nature. Ingredients such as avocado oil, camomile essence or clary sage are combined with the purest mineral pigments, vegetable emollients and waxes. In their wonderfully exquisite containers, these products hold up to the daily grind. ILGE, for example, the translucent, pressed powder that gives your face a magically matt look without coating it. And the concealer TUNKAL has a particularly charming way of making us look like 12 hours of sleep and a sparkling lust for life – the happy end to a true fairy tale.
UND GRETEL,  high-quality organic makeup |  available in various Stores in europe or online |

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