Matze and Pierre


Matze & Pierre

The 2 Minute Interview

It all started just about almost exactly 5 years ago. The two friends Matze – bass player with Virgina Jetzt! at that time – and Pierre, who was booking and promoting his way through Berlin clubs, started to organize parties together. At some point, they decided to turn a fun idea into something really delightful. Ever since that day – along with their co-writers –, they’ve been recommending one delightful Berlin experience a day (Hamburg has also been benefiting from this service since 2014) and writing about things they encounter in their everyday life. The two of them still enjoy organizing their own delightful events such as „The City’s Top 100 Good-Looking DJs“. We asked them all about their favourite things, childhood memories and secret heroes. We somehow had a hunch that the words MacGyver, Hasselhoff and head injury would be mentioned… and because just about almost 5 years is as good a reason as a any to have a party, there’ll be a big birthday bash going down tomorrow at the Volksbühne at Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz. Come join Matze and Pierre and the 21 best-looking singers in town! Oh, what a delight it will be! We give away 1×2 tickets. Just send a mail with ‚MY PLEASURE‘ to


Name: Matze Hielscher / Pierre Türkowsky
Age: 35 / 35
Location: Berlin Prenzlauer Berg / dito
Occupation: Matze / PR hotshot & night owl
Shoesize: 46 / 44
Favourite Delight: reading in the bathtub / my kid and my job
Contact: / Strassburger Str. 40 at Mit Vergnügen




How did you celebrate your last birthday?
M: At a bar in Prenzlauer Berg. I’m afraid I forgot what it is called.
P: As always, it was big party in a club with lots of people. My birthday party series called Pierreversion has taken place ten times already.


Do you prefer to be the host or a guest?
M: Once you’ve been a host, it’s hard being „just“ a guest.
P: I used to organize a lot of events and parties, but now that I’m getting older I prefer being a guest. ;)


Friends of yours are in town for the first and last time ever. Where do you take them?
M: We go for a stroll in Mitte, have a shandy at Clärchen’s Ballhaus, get ice cream at Cuore di Vitro and have supper with our friend David.
P: Fernsehturm and Berghain.


What’s your earliest childhood memory?
M: Riding my tricycle in my grandparents yard.
P: A head injury during the World Cup final in the 80s. (I must have been two years old.)


Which legendary party would you like to have organized?
M: Truman Capotes „Black and White Party“ in 1966.
P: Burning Man


What does „happiness“ mean to you?
M: Being able to say no.
P: Being able to do what I want – and that almost non-stop.


If you had the chance, what would be the first thing you’d change about Berlin?
M: Bicycle paths, a lot more bicycle paths …
P: Nothing really, except get rid of the last of the Nazis.


Do you know a poem by heart?
M: Of course.
P: Good! The sorcerer,
my old master left me here alone today!
Now his spirits, for a change,
my own wishes shall obey!
Having memorized
what to say and do,
with my powers of will I can
do some witching, too!


(I used to know it up to verse 6 because I drilled myself again and again…)

What doesn’t give you any pleasure at all?
M: Belege sammeln. Collecting receipts.
P: Not being able to do what I want.


Which book, movie and album should everyone read, see and listen to?
M: You should read Jonathan Safran Foer’s „Extremely loud und incredibly close“, listen to the new Blur album and „Birdman“ is just a blast to watch.
P: Read High Fidelity, watch Fight Club und listen to Sylvan Esso!


Your childhood hero?
M: David Hasselhoff
P: MacGyver


Who is the most attractive singer in town?
M: Romano is pretty good-looking…
P: Marteria & Chefket


While we are at it: If you could listen to only one more song for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
M: Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode.
P: Coffee by Sylvan Esso


Do you want say hello to anyone?
M: I grew up in a little town – I always want to say hello to someone.
P: My son, Eddie, and my parents.


Which celebrity (dead or alive) would you like to go out with for a drink?
M: I’d like to have a few drinks with Damon Albarn.
P: Tarantino.


If we came to visit you, what would you cook for us?
M: I’m afraid it’ll just be some pasta with tomato sauce again.
P: Boiled potatoes, spinach and a fried egg. ;)


What are you afraid of?
M: Surveillance.
P: Getting old.


What should no one know about you?
M: That I’m not really called Matze.
P: How angry I can get!


Which question should we have asked?
M: When are we going to meet for lunch?
P: Who’s the ugliest singer in town?


Last Words:
M: See you!
P: #wegenparty


Foto: Pablo Lütkenhaus


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