Lucie & Kai


Lucie & Kai

The 2 Minute Interview


Lucie and Kai are the duo infernale of the sweetest art and pretty much the best thing that has happened to everyone hopelessly addicted to anything sweet. Patisserie JUBEL at Hufelandstraße in Prenzlauer Berg is their very own little heavenly kingdom of treats. The picturesque café and bakery offers the most exquisite and extraordinary works of art. Though that comes as no surprise: the two entrepreneurs learnt from the best and know exactly what they’re doing. How about some delicious lime and basil balls or a chocolate-mousse tart with green olives? Yes, please!!! We asked the girls a couple of questions and surreptitiously tried snatching up a few baking tricks along the way…Oh and the girls are celebrating their first Jubel anniversary on sunday! Check it out!


Name: Kai Michels / Lucie Babinska

Age: 34 / 33
Location: Berlin
Occupation: patissier / hotel manageress
Shoe size: 39 / 38
Favourite ingredient: butter / coriander


Sweet or savoury?
Kai: both
Lucie: LEBERWURSTBROT (a slice of bread with liver sausage spread on it)


What was the last thing you had to eat?
Kai: A nougat croissant!
Lucie: Me too – every morning!


What don’t you like eating at all?
Kai: Bananas
Lucie: Savoury dishes with a sweet touch (e.g. sweet and sour duck, cheese with chutney etc.)


What’s your favourite music while baking?
Kai: Queen
Lucie: I always have to listen to what Kai’s listening to.


A recipe anyone can accomplish?
Kai: A fried egg.
Lucie: No, I don’t think frying an egg is easy at all. But I’ve got Kai to do that.


How does one get you wrapped around one’s finger?
Kai: Kringelwurst (curled sausage on a stick)
Lucie: I’m not that easy.


Your greatest masterpiece yet?
Kai: Opening JUBEL.
Lucie: JUBEL!


Which forbidden thing would you like to do, if you knew you weren’t going to get caught?
Kai: Get locked up in an amusement park at night.
Lucie: Spend a night with friends in the gourmet food department.


What is the current wallpaper on your mobile?
Kai: My moped.
Lucie: I’ve been meaning to change it for a long time…


For which famous person would you like to bake a birthday cake?
Kai: Rainer Calmund
Lucie: I can’t bake.


What do butterflies have in their tummies when they’re in love?
Kai: Confetti.
Lucie: Pop rocks.


What would you cook for us if we visited you at home?
Kai: I know a good Italian place.
Lucie: My boyfriend does the cooking.


What are you afraid of?
Kai: That I might not gain power over the world after all.
Lucie: Death.


When was the last time you did something for the first time and what was it?
Kai: Firing a confetti-cannon inside my apartment.
Lucie: Trying the Italian restaurant Kai recommended.


What should no one know about you?
Kai: Exactly that.
Lucie: Which wallpaper I have on my mobile.


Which question should we have asked?
Kai: Whether or not I like questionnaires… :-)
Lucie: The most frequently asked question: How do you manage to stay so skinny with all those cakes around?


Last Words:
Kai: All good things come to an end.
Lucie: Nuff said!


Foto: Caroline Prange


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