Lucia Jay von Seldeneck & Verena Eidel



Lucia Jay von Seldeneck & Verena Eidel

The 2 Minute Interview

Lucia and Verena are two real Berliners through and through. At least they feel, live and breathe the city to its fullest. As the voice of the Heimathafen Neukölln and the dynamic duo behind the “111 places you should know” Empire, they summarize in word, image and experiences what’s hot between KW and Basdorf, what one should definitely know and, as of late, who. In their newest joint creation, they let us experience the most beautiful city of the world through the eyes, ears and mouths of 111 Berlin originals. Well, if that isn’t a reason to put them through their paces! By the way we’re giving away two freshly printed copys of the book to the berlin lovers among you. Just send an email entitled ‚YOU GOT IT?‘ to Let’s go!


Name: Lucia Jay von Seldeneck | Verena Eidel
Age: 38 | 40
Home: Berlin Kreuzberg | out in the sticks
Profession: Author / publicist of the Heimathafen Neukölln | Graphic Design/Photography
Show size: 40 | a little too big
Favourite spot in Berlin: The Landwehrkanal – from the Geranium terrace of the Ankerklause up to the Urbanhafen and further on to the cozy spot under the willow – it’s the perfect composition. | at least 222
Contact: |


The typical Berliner is…
Lucia: …charming, polite, attentive, courteous – and, of course, never at a loss for an answer: so ask away!
Verena: … a quite friendly contemporary in general, that likes being talked to in a brash and cheeky manner in order for him be able to answer adequately.


Friends are visiting Berlin for the first and last time. What will you do?
Lucia: Go where Berlin shows its true colours: First, a bus ride (Bus driver: “Please step out of the Lichtschranke. I have time. You don’t”). Then, to the Prinzenbad (Big bustle in front of the take-away stand, one guy loses his cool: “We all have to die, but I don’t like being shoved.”)– and finally to the Hasenschänke (A pot of coffee or a cold beer in nature, what more could you need to be happy – and here, and there, even Berliners can’t help being full of praise: „Can’t whinge about his, ey?“)
Verena: A drive through Berlin at night – always ready to jump off and into the melee… From Ku’damm up to Frankfurter Allee and back to Wannsee via Treptow. And if it were Summer, we’d go swimming.


Quick test: What does “out in the sticks” mean to you?
Lucia: It can mean anywhere outside of one’s own neighbourhood. You should always think twice before accepting an invitation there. If everything seems perfect – people, music, food, night bus connection – then it’s worth taking the risk. But in general it’s better to stay in your own hood and keep away from the sticks.
Verena: Well, it means out in the sticks – where I live, you know?


An encounter you’ll never forget:
Lucia: A regular Saturday afternoon somewhere in Berlin. Suddenly, a window on the first floor opens above me and a man dressed in a vest leans out: “Excuse me! One question! Is today Friday or Saturday?”
Verena: How a young man saved my night.


You HAVE to move to another city. Which one?
Lucia: Maybe Reykjavik. But it stays dark all day in Winter… Maybe Marseilles would be better? Hm, supposed to be dangerous there… Or Lisbon? That would be very far away though…
Verena: I would move to Marseilles – rough charm, open sea and instead of Curry Wurst they have oysters to go.


Why should everyone have seen at least one play/concert at the Heimathafen?
Lucia: Entertainment for the whole gang!
Verena: Because it’s really lovely – a living room with plenty of stucco on the ceiling.


Your favourite swearword?
Lucia: Idiot – that was the worst swearword my grandmother knew. It was used rarely but with unmistakable contempt. That was engrained in my memory.
Verena: Bugger and damnation! – what a question!


Which piece of art would you like to own?
Lucia: Tests – Owning something doesn’t make it more attractive!
Verena: I’m looking for a patron for a drawing of Fidus’ „Frei nach Dieffenbach“ – I would hang it in my kitchen. Until then I’ll make do with the print on a post card.


Which piece of art would you like to own?
Lucia: Tests – Owning something doesn’t make it more attractive!
Verena: I’m looking for a patron for a drawing of Fidus’ „Frei nach Dieffenbach“ – I would hang it in my kitchen. Until then I’ll make do with the print on a post card.


What should everyone have tried in their lifetime?
Lucia: Get in the S-Bahn, get out at the end of the line, ask for the nearest lake, walk to the lake through the forest, get in the water, keep swimming and swimming until the shore becomes a teenytiny speck on the horizon.  Verena: To love.


Wenn will BER open?
Lucia: WHO?
Verena: Ooooh, they can take their time – until then I won’t be pestered by air lanes over my bedroom.


With which famous Berliner (dead or alive) would you like to go out for drinks?
Lucia: Christoph Schlingensief, Mascha Kaléko, Joachim Ringelnatz, Rio Reiser – but maybe not all of them at once. Or maybe I should?
Verena: I’d choose a walk through Berlin with Franz Hessel or dancing with Anita Berber, but drinks… ?


A penguin wearing a sombrero comes into the Heimathafen and says:
Lucia: „What? I didn’t buy it – it was a farewell present from the guys in Mexico!”
Verena: Hola chicas! (That’s all the Spanish he knows)


What would you cook for us if we came to visit you?
Lucia: This weekend? Then it would be asparagus, of course!
Verena: Just come on over – I’m making chicory chicken!


What are you afraid of?
Lucia: Car doors opening when I’m riding my bike down Karl-Marx-Strasse – luckily it will be a construction site for the next couple of years!
Verena: Of total mechanisation.


When was last time you tried something new and what was it?
Lucia: I did a Swing dance class. Well, I couldn’t look into the mirror a whole lot because I had to concentrate on my feet so much – I’m guessing that didn’t look so great! Now I’m thinking about learning synchronised swimming.
Verena: Some kind of dessert in a banana leaf on the Thai lawn in the Preussenpark.


What should no one know about you?
Lucia: No secrets!
Verena: Everything.


What question should we have asked?
Lucia: What, that’s it? You seriously don’t want to know how we chose the 111 Berliners? But that’s our favourite question…
Verena: What I value most about the book „Fragebogen“ by Max Frisch.


Last words:
Lucia: Enough!
Verena: Others are responsible for those.


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