Laura Zumbaum

Laura Zumbaum

The 2 Minuten Interview

Charming Laura has certainly caused a stir with selosoda – a refreshing pick-me-up made from sundried coffee cherries. We’ve already told you about the selosoda winter tea selection; her crowd funding campaign is still running and the next big coup is already in the making, too. Quite the busy bee, Miss Zumbaum! We were wondering whether all this work even left any time for everyday things like grocery shopping or simply reading a book. We looked into it and managed to ask Laura Zumbaum a few questions about fears, addictions and the ideal contents of a refrigerator. Here is the essence of our investigative work summed up in 2 minutes.


Name: Laura Zumbaum
Age: 26
City: Berlin
Job: coffee-cherry-fanatic
Shoe size: 38
Favourite cocktail: Blonde Negroni // Gin, Vermouth, orange zest, selosoda

  Do you always answer the question „How are you?“ honestly?
I try to!How are you?
Great. In 48 hours, I’ll be on my way home to Barcelona.


Your start to the day: Coffee or tea?


What are your New Year resolutions for 2016?
1. Increase the value of the coffee plant – with a product that is not only sustainable, but also tastes fantastic, is healthy and out of the ordinary.
2. Go to the seaside. Last year, I only made it to the Müggelsee – in October, for the half marathon. Not a great accomplishment!


What can you never get enough of?
Good espresso. And Bon Jovi songs from the nineties. Kind of funny, but true.


Which three items belong in every fridge?
A Pinot Gris, butter and homemade blackberry jam.


A piece of advice you never thought would come in handy:
Don’t ask for too much advice.


Do you take more after your mother or your father?
That’s hard to say. The running joke in our family goes like this: “Child, we actually found you on the street.“

With which famous person would you like to have coffee?
Giovanni di Lorenzo, during my next visit to Hamburg.


What would you cook for us if we visited you at home?
Celery and apple soup, spicy sourdough bread.
Pumpkin and ricotta lasagne, chestnuts, sage.
Lukewarm Tarte Tatin with quince.


What are you afraid of?
Of time flying by.


When did you last try something new and what was it?
Trading my apartment in Berlin with friends of Freunde von Freunden for theirs in Paris. At first we were excited, then hesitant and then very keen. We discovered a new way of travelling and made new friends.


What should no one know about you?
Maybe that I like to eat whipped cream by the spoonful.


Which question should we have asked?
Why should anyone support the selosoda crowd funding campaign?


Last Words:
I sincerely thank you. And: coffee is a fruit.

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