Joe Newman (of Alt-J)


Joe Newman (Alt-J)

The 2 Minute Interview

 Joe Jerome Newman is in a band called delta, ummm sorry, Alt-J (!). Cause this is where the band name originally comes from – the british shortcut for the greek letter. You know this cute little triangle…sorry again kind of loosing it. Even more interesting is that Joe spends his nights sleeping naked, has the perfect joke to tell and would love to crossdress at least once while having a coffee and singing ‚Stand by me‘ with his dead cat. You know what!? This is all yours!


Name: Joe Jerome Newman

Age: 28

Location: Leeds

Occupation: Musician

Favourite Place in Berlin: Anywhere with our dearest friend Michael Culme-Seymour.



What do you do first when you get up in the morning? Rub everything out of my eyes.


Who is the most inspiring person you know? Gus and Thom


What is your favourite song to sing under the shower? Stand By Me – Ben E. King



I could live off…? Marmite


What is your favorite German dish? Wiener Schnitzel (joaar… Anm.d.Red.)


Name a magic spot anywhere in the world? Chapel Porth beach – Cornwall, England


What is beauty for you? Two humans harmonising.


The hype about what person/product do you find unnecessary? James Franco as an actor I get – everything else I don’t.


Which clothes are a no go to wear on stage? Shorts and sandals and capes.


What do you wear at night? In bed? Nothing.


I am proud of: Our albums so far


What is your biggest weakness? Eating toast too late


Should one really always speak the truth? Never always but most of the time is always safer.


What is the biggest advantage of being an artist? satisfaction through expression.


With which person (dead or alive) would you love to drink a coffee? My first pet cat – yoyo – i would be drinking coffee he would be licking water.


Cats or dogs? Equality for all!


Can you tell us a joke? I went to a premature ejaculation conference – there was no dress code – so i came in my pants.


How does God look like? Christian traditions of depiction has led me to believe that God looks like us but with a better beard.


If we visit you at home, what would you cook for us? I would force my mum to cook a curry.


What would you change in the world if you’d had the power to? Trick the top 0.1% in thinking that more money can be made from renewable energy than from fossil fuels.


When was the last time that you were really overwhelmed? Just watched a film in my Hotel – Calvary – Brendan Gleeson always gets me.


When was the last time that you tried something completely new? I was forced to figure out how to eat a Lychee – failed but it tasted like a nice crunchy milk fruit.


Which Superhero power would you love to have? The power to barley remember peoples names or fly.


What would you do if you were anxiety-free? Cross-dress.


What should nobody know about you? No comment.


Which question did we forget to ask? How many fingers am I holding up?


Your last word:



Foto: Gabriel Green


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