If the thought of sweet potato pineapple curry, spicy fried noodles with cabbage peanut salad and chop suey vegetables or a seitan-patty burger with Fritz Cola sauce, cheese dip, tomatoes and roasted onions not only makes your mouth water but your heart beat faster, too – then you’re in vegan-love. Just like Cathy, owner of the vegan living kitchen Happenpappen in Hamburg-Eimsbüttel. Homemade vegan specialties are served here daily, plus gluten-free options that even make convinced carnivores gush! Monday to Sundays from 6pm is burger night with no less than 5 different vegan burger variations. No evangelism going on here, just cooking with a lot of enthusiasm for alternatives, a vast knowledge about the world of culinary diversity and the patience and wisdom needed to give the guests an understanding of vegan cuisine, if they so wish. The recipe here is 100 % vegan = 200% yummy! Deal!
Happenpappen | Lappenbergallee 41, 20257 Hamburg | Mon-Fri 12pm-10pm, Sat 10am-10pm, Sun 10am-5pm | www.happenpappen.de | Facebook


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