Green on green

We love plants. Period. Small, large, fat, thin, demanding, low-maintenance, in pots, beds or picture frames on the wall. Hang on, picture frames? We’ve made a discovery and it’s green, styleGREEN to be precise. That’s the name of the brand that conjures a piece of nature into our homes or offices. styleGREEN makes pictures from real plants. Natural Iceland moss, leather-leaf, ivy, tree fern, papyrus and many more greens are artfully arranged into white frames, room dividers or special decorations in the workshop in Munich. But also entire walls and individual designs for offices, lofts or exhibitions are easily created. The best part: a natural and 100% ecological conservation makes the plants lastingly durable. So not only do the green works of art stay beautiful for years and years, they also need neither water nor light. We’ve already brought a piece of nature inside and strongly recommend you do the same. Small moss or plant pictures can be ordered from stylegreen.destarting at a price of 59 Euro. Do you have a little more wall space? We’re giving away a Jungle Wall in 100 x 60 cm to the most enthusiastic nature enthusiast amongst you. Send us an Email headlining ‚GREEN PLANT ON GREEN BACKGROUND ‘ to
styleGREEN |  Plant art from 59 € | | Photo: Peter Langenhahn


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