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Oh my God, this is delicious! Crisp, fresh salad, tantalisingly combined with carbohydrates, cleverly spiced and beautiful to look at. But let’s back up a bit. At noon, our MMW studio regularly turns into a salad bar/snackeria/Thaiwiese. We slice, dice and spice hell for leather to end up full and happy, picking the crumbs off our chequered table cloth. Delicious! But also pretty strenuous and time-consuming. And then came the GREEN GURUS! They prepare fresh salads, snacks and juices daily in their kitchen in Kreuzberg and deliver them to our office – or anywhere else in Berlin – within 30 minutes. Close attention is paid to a balanced combination of ingredients: proteins, complex carbohydrates, good fats. Resulting in delicious food that leaves you feeling strong and fit instead of full and dull. Bye bye food coma! So far, there is a choice of three salads that change every week. ‚Little Istanbul’, for example, with Bulgur, roasted peppers, Ricotta, black olives, spring onions, cucumber, chick peas, rocket and Harissa-lemon-dressing or our current favourite ‚The Cobb‘ with romaine lettuce, roasted mushrooms, sweet corn, avocado, tomatoes, chives, celery, quinoa und coconut-blossom-balsamico-dressing. Yay! For breakfast or as a snack they offer quinoa yoghurt or oatmeal with strawberries and balsamico.  And here’s the deal: all three salads of the week are available at a super-skinny price of 5,99 Euro. If you want bread with it, it’s plus one Euro. Snacks go for 4,99 Euro. INCLUDING DELIVERY! Which is still free of charge at the moment and there is also no minimum order value yet. So let’s sum it all up: most delicious salads that fill you up, make you happy and cost very little, brought to you free of charge within 20 minutes. Open them up, eat them, finished. No further questions. This shortcut is as good as gold. And we can still blissfully pick the crumbs off the table cloth afterwards.
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