Far away, so close

And suddenly, he was there, the small Frenchman with the bombastic sound. And created music that went straight into the nervous system and dancing legs. That was in 2013. Yoann Lemoine aka. Woodkida tireless, versatile genius, musician and film director stepped on to the stage and into the scene. In his newest Project that goes by the name of „Ellis“, both art forms melt together. The French Street Artist JRdirected a moving short film about migrants whose first contact with land after months on the ocean on the the way to America was Ellis Island at the gates of New York. The small island in sight of but just out of reach of New York was a place of destiny and, for many, the end of the line for their longing for a better life – the promised land almost close enough to touch yet unreachable. The grand master of acting Robert De Niro remembers in the form of a fictitious story of two stranded characters. To underline the powerful images, Woodkid composed a moving soundtrack full of poetry. The melancholic piano sounds are played by Nils Frahm, to whom we also owed the Piano Day at the end of March. The film can be viewed online, the soundtrack will be available from July 8th as a mini album – including the sound of Robert De Niro’s voice, telling a story like the ones happening at boarders around the world today. That’s why all proceeds from the album with the soft, gentle tones will go to the charitable initiative Sea Watch, which is committed to the protection and rescue of civil refugees.
Woodkid & Nils Frahm | „Winter Morning I & II“, Soundtrack of the short film „Ellis“ | Erased-Tapes Mini-Album on CD, Vinyl and digital | iTunes


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