Esther Bauer

Esther Bauer

The 2 Minute Interview

Esther is married to Christoph, mother of Ella (11 years) and Martha (8 years) and editor as well as co-owner of the publishing house HIMBEER. That makes her somewhat an expert on all things related to family-city-activities. Together with her two business partners, she brings out the monthly magazine HIMBEER(raspberry), the annually published family-city-guide BERLIN MIT KIND and provides adults and children alike with useful, exciting and enjoyable recommendations for recreational activities. Well, at least until her children start to spread their wings. Then she’ll move to France, nibble on delicious mangos and raspberries all day, open a bed and breakfast and keep her guests entertained by showing off her animator-skills.


Name: Esther Bauer
Age: 42
Location: Berlin
Occupation: editor and co-owner of publishing house HIMBEER
Shoe size: 41
Favourite fruit: ripe mangos, raspberries


What was the last thing you had to eat? A goat’s cheese sandwich and cucumber-salad for lunch.


Are good at saying No? Yes, I manage pretty well.


How has having children changed your view on Berlin? I had no idea how great this city is for kids. My children grow up here just like they would in a small village – without the drawbacks. They know their way around the Kiez and know practically everyone here. If we feel like jumping into the big-city life, we do just that (quite often) and if we long for the great outdoors, we drive out into the countryside. It’s perfect!


Popo (bum), Schneewittchen (Snow White) and Matt-Eagle apparently are very trendy and officially allowed baby names. What are your favourite three names? What? Popo is allowed? That’s unbelievable! My favourite three baby names are Elsa, Romy and Titus.


What was the worst haircut you ever had? In 1984 I went to the hairdresser’s with a picture of Nena. By the time I was finished, I looked like the gran that sat next to me. It was just awful ­ – I skipped school the next day.


What’s your favourite swearword? You stupid „Kakawurst“! (Quote: Martha, 8 years)


Are you a gleeful person? Yes, actually I am – but only if I really don’t like a person.


What do you let your children do when you’d really prefer not to? I let them play stupid apps, when I need to make an important phone-call.


When was the last time you did something forbidden and, more importantly, what was it? I nicked the menu from a restaurant, because it had such a magnificent choice. And I want to try cooking everything at home sometime.


If we came to visit you at home, what would you cook for us? Sweet potatoes with fennel, thyme and a creamy yoghurt sauce.


Who would you like join on a night out? Anybody that makes me laugh and can show me a good time.


What are you afraid of? Accidents.


When was the last time you did something for the first time and what was it? Two weeks ago, I went on a 5-day juice-fast. It was fantastic, I’m going to do that again.


What should no one know about you? That I used to work as a hotel animator wearing a ridiculous outfit on stage and thinking it was great!


Which question should we have asked? Where do you see yourself in 15 years?


Last Words: Spring!


Credit: Sarah Winborn