Do It Yourself, Ey?


DIY is one of those things. Nothing comes close to creating something with your own hands and from then on finding pleasure and pride in this useful and beautiful object. The problem is that not all of us are blessed with skills to take the tinkering, crafting and building beyond its, let’s say, meditative advantages and actually make it satisfying because constructive activity. All too often, the crooked, lopsided or barely upright results are closer to modern art than actual furniture, shelves or whatever other intended object. Thank God for wefactory! wefactory is a DIY furniture platform on which designers offer their furniture designs including a step-by-step video tutorial. Which means customers like us can buy complete kits including material, tools and totally fool-proof tutorials and have it sent to them as their next project. Genius! The best part is that you not only build your new favourite piece of furniture yourself, you also gain new skills that may just one day enable you to develop your own designs and offer them for sale on the platform. Why not? If it’s a sound design, wefactory will produce a tutorial together with you and put together a complete construction kit. Sharing joy is fun! That’s why it’s our pleasure and joy to give away the shelf „Kotti“, complete with tutorial, to the particularly crafty amongst you. Send us an email with the subject ‚PRESTO!‘ to
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