Cornflakes? Sure you know ‘em. Fruit Loops, Smacks and the sort sweetened up pretty much every child’s breakfast morning. But what are Fruity Pebbles, Lucky Charms, Puffs or Shreddies? Don’t really know ‘em. Here, at least and without relevant international experience. Those of us who spent their days, weeks or months taking care of kids in the US, taking care of farms in Australia or taking care of their studies in whatever cool place abroad sometimes crunchily reminisce themselves back into a colourful flake heaven. Just the memory of the varicoloured Hagelslag on toast from the Dutch school exchange can be enough to take you straight there. These crunchy emotions are what three guys from Cologne have given into: Max, Thomas and Mark share a passion for cereals and opened the first Flakes Corner in their home town in 2015 and now – thanks to Getreideart – another one in Berlin. And they have them all. Large, small, fruity, chocolaty, individual or in a menu (yup, take-away snacks, too). Besides being able to choose between the most way out flavours in the form of flakes (Cookies’n’Cream! Marshmallows!!), you can also select the matching milk – be it mint, strawberry or bubble-gum-flavoured or lactose-free variations. Our recommendation is the secret favourite of the three founders, the „Peanut Butter Lover“: A blend of peanut butter crunch and chocolate crispies, dipped in strawberry milk and topped with a Malteser. Now, that’s just obscene.
Flakes Corner | Neue Promenade 8, 10178 Berlin | Webseite | Facebook

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