Conny Schulze


Conny Schulze

The 2 Minute Interview

Conny Schulze is a TV Journalist, author and together with her husband Thomas she runs the May am Ufer located in Neukölln. She works long hours at the bar, keeps the whole place going and comes up with exciting projects. Her latest coup is called Social Cuisine – a start-up focused on the integration of refugees and helping them build a economic base for their future life in Germany. We like! This Saturday and just on time for World Refugee Day, she’s organizing a cooking event with the fantastic Mughal-cuisne chef Tajuddin Shaikh. We’re not quite sure how to pronounce all of that, but we do know that it’s going to be super scrumptious. So don’t miss it!


Name: Conny Schulze
Age: 52
Location: Berlin
Occupation: Journalist, author and owner of May am Ufer
Shoe size: 38
Favorite food: Linguine with green beans or potatoes with homemade pesto

Tell us your favourite magical place!
Felstentor on Mount Rigi at Lake Lucerne.


Where are you from? I was born in Bremen and grew up on a barge. I’ve loved water ever since.


Do you have an idol? I don’t really think much of having an idol and trying to be just like it. I’m glad when other people’s ideas inspire me or enable me to have a different point of view on things. Basically I admire all people who like changing their perspectives every now and then.


Which problem would you like to solve? Social inequality. The refugee policy in Germany and Europe really bugs me. Especially the general overextension and people’s idleness to do something about it. Everybody can do something to help people to make their life easier in a foreign country and to relieve others of their fear of the unknown.


What can you not get enough of? Inspiration.


What forbidden thing would you like to do? Living in a city like Berlin, where everybody crosses the street at a red light, I find life so stimulating and exciting that I don’t stop to think about doing anything illegal. But if I could make a change for the better, I would try to get my hands on some secret information and blare it out to the world.


When did you realize that your were all grown up? When I started being less concerned about what will happen to me tomorrow.


Which piece of art would you like possess? Till Warwas’ picture of clouds. It’s in our restaurant as a loan. At the moment…


Tell us a joke! A frog in a wheelchair comes into a French restaurant and asks: Does is taste good? (oops! editor’s note.)


With which famous person would you like to have coffee? I’d like to have some tea with Paramahamsa Yogananda, the author of „Autobiography of a Yogi“.


If we came to visit you, what would you cook for us? My husband does the cooking.


What are you afraid of? Violence.


What were you recently moved by? By the story of an Ethiopian woman who arrived in Germany after a terrible odysee and is now to be deported.

Which question should we have asked? What would your husband cook for dinner-guests?


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