Alexander Krüger


The 2 Minute Interview

Alexander Krüger makes festivals happen. Together with his fabulous team, he runs the FEEL, the Artlake and the Rocken am Brocken Festival. In addition, Alex is artistic director of the Spreewerkstätten on the compound of the Alte Münze and at home on the stages of the world with his live act as a passionate musician. Tomorrow, the gates of the fourth FEEL Festival will be opening at beautiful Berghaider Lake. Over 350 bands and DJs as well as 150 visual and performing artists will be passing mics and turntables to each other on 21 floors over the next five days. And that’s reason enough for us to engage the slightly set-up-stressed creative mastermind in a conversation about bananas, the future, Take That and shampoo for curly hair. And because that was so much fun, we’ll be giving away 2 pairs of festival tickets for the very spontaneous amongst you. Send an email headlining ‚ROLAND, I FEEL YOU‘ to

Name: Alexander Krüger
Age: 32
Home: Berlin
Profession: Adventurer and visionary
Shoe size: 46
Favourite festival: all festivals that make me feel the spirit of a liberal music culture fill my heart with joy.

How do you feel?
Boundless anticipation and massive lack of sleep, combined with extreme happiness.

What has changed since the first festival?
By moving to a beautiful location right at the Berghaider Lake, we have even more opportunities to offer our visitors a very extensive and interactive cultural programme.

Do you prefer being guest or host?
I passionately love dancing and music, both as a guest and a host.

Which three items should every festival visitor have in their bag? Bananas, chocolate and dancing shoes.

Which act should no one miss this summer?
The new project by my friends Kid Simius and Bonaparte: Mule and Man.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Chocolatiér. I love chocolate.

And being a fan of which band embarrasses you now?
I’m still a huge fan of Take That.

What does “happiness” mean to you?Living liberally and working on crazy creative ideas with people I value.

The best concert you’ve ever been to?  
Live Aid Hyde Park London 2005.

Which super power would you like to have?

Which famous celebrity would you like to go out for drinks with?
Elon Musk

What would you cook for us if we came to visit you at home?
Spaghetti Bolognese after my mum’s recipe.

When was the last time you tried something new and what was it? With WIR IM RAUM, we are creating a Life-Lab in which the boarders between private  and public, work and life are melting away. A space in which we are sustainably developing the future and actively living with culture, economy and science.

What should no one know about you?
I use shampoo for curly hair.

Which question should we have asked?
Rock, paper, scissors?

Last words: Only if we have a positive vision of the future, can we start to change the world step by step in the now.

Photo: Oliver Rath

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Verena Malta


The 2 Minute Interview

Bag and competition. Berlin is fashion – especially now during Fashion Week. All kinds of catwalky stuff is out for admiration in the tents, a lot to be shop-talked about at the aging on-and-off trade fair Bread and Butter and some real shopping and business to be done at the 10th Show&Order. Here, the name’s the game: look, touch, buy – everything is allowed. Even for the inclined consumer at the first Shopping Night by Show&Order last night. This important format was launched and is managed by Rhineland-born entrepreneur and whole-hearted mum Verena Malta (great name!). She is the CEO in charge of the fair, keeps herself fit with yoga, golf and running and on top of that has just opened a small café that goes by the name of SPATZ. How do you do it, Verena? We had a chat with her about new discoveries, fashion trends, fears, sweat bands, platform-Buffalos und her daughter’s puberty. Drama, Baby!

Name: Verena Malta
Age: 40
Home: Berlin/Cologne
Profession: CEO of the fashion fair Show&Order & mummy!
Shoe size: 39
Favourite article of clothing: a dress from Anni Carlsson

Which accessory would you never leave the house without?
Without my Tom Ford glasses, for the right perspective!

Who was your personal new designer discovery lately?
Anni Carlsson, Jasmina Jovy Jewellery and the shoe label aeyde

THE fashion trend 2016 or uhm 2017?
Jump around with mules & jumpsuits!

Your worst fashion sin?
There are a few :) – Platform Buffalos, Puma bomber jacket & sweat bands…

Are you living in the right city?
Yes! Between Cologne and Berlin with Rhinelandian cheerfulness and international metropolitan character – the perfect combination!

What is good style?
If you stay true to yourself!

Why is fashion important?
Anyone can do uniform. Fashion is for expressing and presenting yourself!

What do you spend too much money on?
Especially on high-quality basics and classics, but also for shoes, then there’s travelling and the many, many beautiful children’s clothes that my daughter is growing out of so fast!

What’s more fun: giving or receiving gifts?
Giving, of course!

With which famous person (dead or alive) would you like to go out for drinks?
Adele – my pal, the diva!

What would you cook for us if we came to visit you?
Fantastic quinoa chili! Tasted it first at „SPATZ“ in the Belgian Quarter/Cologne

What are you afraid of?
Storms during fashion week and the impending puberty of my daughter Toni – thank goodness she’s only coming up to 3☺

When was last time you tried something new and what was it?
Relaxed mother-daughter-yoga, the proof of the pudding is in the eating!

What should no one know about you?
What I did before I became organiser of a trade fair!

Which question should we have asked?
Why are you opening with the consumer event „Shopping Night” and what makes it so special?

Last words:
Those who sow shall reap and you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs!

Photo: Show&Order, Wüstenhagen

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Bernd Kolb

The 2 Minute Interview

Bernd Kolb is mastermind, lateral thinker, visionary and founder of the Club of Marrakesh, entrepreneur and he himself says with a wink: man with a mission. And this is how that came about. As former top manager, entrepreneur of the year and director for innovation at Deutsche Telekom, he began to deal with the great challenges of our global consumer society and looking for possible approaches for a positive and sustainable future. He explored the question why, against better judgement, it is so difficult for us to think and act sustainably and found answers in the encounter with inspiring people who gave him an understanding of the wisdom of ancient Asian cultures. He captured these moments of knowledge and solidarity with his camera and is presenting them as we speak and until the end of September in the exhibition ATMAN at the Malzfabrik Berlin. We wanted to know more and spoke to Bernd about the truly important things: wisdom, the meaning of life and the European Football Championship, of course. A must read! Oh yeah, and what was that going on the year 2046?

Name: Bernd Kolb
Age: 53
Home: Yogyakarta (Java)
Profession: Man with a mission ;)
Show size: 44
Favourite place: Yogyakarta

What is the meaning of life?
The meaning lies in discovering your true self, unfolding it and making it bloom. Then everything we do has meaning.

Who is going to be European Football Champion?
Ha! I have to admit that I find that less interesting than the question itself in relation to the other questions. But it is possible that for some, the question is of such importance that it goes hand in hand with the meaning of life. ;)

What would you change in the world if you had the chance and the power to?„God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.” (Reinhold Niebuhr)

What is wisdom?
For me, wisdom means “feeling” beyond thinking. “Experiencing” without judging or classifying. “To be one” deeply within, beyond “me” and “you”. Just pure “being” and solidarity beyond appearances.

Which moment changed everything?
I don’t know if one moment can change everything. To me, each moment is also  development. If I even notice it, that moment. When I am here and consciously experience it. “Panta Rhei”, as the Greek philosopher Heraclitus once put it: „Ever-newer waters flow on those who step into the same rivers.“

Tell us a magical place, anywhere in the world!
There is a truly magical place in Berlin at the moment, the Malzfabrik. Now I’m not saying that for marketing purposes, I really mean it.

Do you have a hobby we didn’t know about?
I HONESTLY do not have a hobby – I ONLY do things that have meaning for me and bring me joy. That’s not just a saying, I’m deeply serious about it ☺

You meet your 18-year-old self. Which advice would you give yourself?
That is a beautiful question. Because it assumes that you can actually meet yourself. And in this encounter lies the advice itself: recognise who is meeting who.

What would you like to be better at?

What should everyone have done once in their life.
In a modern context I would advise everyone to go on a sabbatical in the middle of their life. To leave the routines and habits, to give yourself space and time. Dive into adventures, don’t make plans, discover the new, in yourself and around you!

You are re-incarnated – as what?
I believe that we always stay alive and it’s just the form that changes. Which is more important than we think. Because everything we “comprehend” as a form is just a figment of our mind and has nothing to do with life as such. That is also what ATMAN is about. What starts as a concrete image in our cognition dissolves in form and becomes pure consciousness, feeling, empathy – the essence of being human. Those who can feel and feel for others will live sustainably and peacefully. It is a question of consciousness, of recognising that matter is NOT the most important.

You are travelling in a time machine, which year do you set it to?

With which famous person (dead or alive) would you like to go out for drinks?
It’s hard to pick out just one. There are too many that I find equally interesting. But it would definitely be nice to meet my line of ancestors.

What would you cook for us if we came to visit you?

What are you afraid of?
Honestly: nothing. Fear is a bad advisor.

When was the last time you had a good laugh and what was it about?
I laugh a lot and mostly about myself! :)

What should no one about about you?
Untruths and prejudices. Anyone is allowed to know everything true about me, I don’t lead a double life ☺

What question should we have asked you?
Only you can answer that.

Last words:
Thank you.

Photo: Raimar von Wienskowski


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Eric M. Landmann

The 2 Minute Interview

Eric is a very busy man. He’s a dad, for one, and therefore has the best job in the world. And he’s also the manager of the not-so-unknown band called BEATSTEAKS, founder, event and project manager at ZentralRat Mitte, campaign planner at sally*s music &media and enthusiastic eater in the popular restaurant Zum Dritten Mann, where certain Mando Diao musicians like to have a nap on the bench after having had a drink or two. Besides similar musical and culinary preferences, we also share a love for the most beautiful of all sports. Because Eric is a die-hard fan of Union AND Bayern and a top-class expert on the subject of football. We met him for a word and a 2-minute interview that went on longer than 20 minutes ;) right in the bustle of the Euro Cup and talked about athletic beefsteaks, uncompromising performers and Gregor Gysi!

Name: Eric M. Landmann
Age: 44
Home: Berlin Britz
Profession: Consultant in music, media and branding
Shoe size: 43
Favourite soccer club: FC Union Berlin UND Bayern München

Who was Ernst Kuzorra?
You’d better ask a Schalke fan. ;)

Who’s going to be European Champion and why?
Germany, and if not Germany then France or Belgium;-)

The best footballer of all times is/was?
I have difficulty with the term “best” because I don’t think I can really judge that. My favourite footballer is Toni Kroos, even though his musical taste is questionable… But if you’re asking me which footballer I’d like to go out and have a drink with, that would be Jerôme Boateng, Arturo Vidal or Arjen Robben. Although it would probably be fun with Thomas Müller or Franck Ribery, too…

Which member of the Beatsteaks can handle the ball best?
Peter Baumann is an athletic ace, I don’t think there’s any sport he isn’t good at.

Your most valued possession?
I’m not really materialistic, so my family is definitely the most valuable to me.

A moment you’ll never forget?
The births of my daughters. When Germany became World Champion in 2014 and we watched the match in the WM Wohnzimmer at the Alte Försterei even though it was raining. 2004 sally*sounds in the Deutschlandhalle with the Beatsteaks, Sportfreunde Stiller, Fettes Brot and Moneybrother, which was also the last concert in the Deutschlandhalle. And the Beatsteaks performance at Rock am Ring in 2007, where pretty much all of the 80.000 visitors sat down on the ground during “Let me in” only to jump up wildly again after a moment.

If you had become a footballer, which current player matches you best with his way of playing?
VIDAL: uncompromising enforcer and at the same time clever game maker…

Island, iPod, just three songs. Which ones?
You can tell I don’t like committing, but spontaneously, I would name these songs:
Bruce Springsteen „The River“
Beastie Boys „Sabotage“
Ton Steine Scherben „Der Traum ist aus“
(and from my boys, outside the competition, I’d like to name „Gentleman of the Year“;-)

You have three wishes, tell us:
Hm, what should I answer? World peace, a healthy and happy life for my family or material wishes? At the moment I’d be pleased if Germany won the European Championship, Union bought a lively centre forward and the Beatsteaks write the album of the year
2017 or 2018…

With which famous person (dead or alive) would you like to go out for drinks?
Ha ha, see above ;-) Outside of football, it would surely be interesting to drink with Gregor Gysi or Rio Reiser, if he were still alive…

What would you cook for us if we came to visit you?
Spaghetti Bolognese, I can just about manage that. Normally, I let my wife do the cooking.

What are you afraid of?
Something bad happening to my children.

When was last time you tried something new and what was it?
On May 21st, I test-drove an electric car, that was much more spectacular than I would have thought.

What should no one know about you?
Well, no one really should know that about me…

Last words:

Photo: Matze Hielscher


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Claudia Fischer-Appelt


The 2 Minute Interview

When Claudia Fischer-Appelt has a creative black out and needs fresh ideas, she has a cold shower and plays a round of skat. No hang on, she goes for a run along the Schlei, fights off giant ducks with a piece of chocolate and then goes and has a drink with them. God help us! We’re lost and highly recommend you read for yourself what one of Germany’s most creative women has in store and to say – to her 18-year old self, about perfect parents and about Karl Anders. That’s the name of her new agency, her “circle of power”, with which she indulges in only taking on meaningful projects that are, above all, fun! „The Brain Runs on Fun“ is her motto and you really can tell. Last weekend, we finally met in person. She was one of the jurors at our Berlin fashion Film Festival. And we promised her that we would in no way whatsoever mention her bank apprenticeship.

Name: Claudia Fischer-Appelt
Age: 39 for ever
Home: Hamburg
Profession: Designer
Show size: 36
Favourite brand: Henrik Vibskov

Why is Karl different?
Karl says what he thinks, takes a risk here and there and always has a clear opinion. And he wants to keep on doing things for the first time.

The best advert of the last 12 months:
Can we agree on the best design? Then there is one clear favourite for me: The corporate identity for the NRW Forum by Kessels Kramer from Amsterdam. Brave appearance, excellent graphic design, good humour. An awesome implementation of the idea of the imperfect, fluid, variable… simply great!

Are there perfect parents?
In my opinion, there are always parents who want to be perfect. That’s why I used to encourage those kind of parents to be a little more relaxed. Nowadays I answer with
Nam June Paik: „When too perfect lieber Gott böse“.

You meet your 18-year-old self. Which advice would you give yourself?
Take your pleasure more seriously!

Which problem would you like to solve?
I get so annoyed when the old go on and on nagging about the young, I’d like to solve that!

Your missing a bright idea – what do you do?
A run. Some Chocolate. A drink. In that order.

Who do you admire?
People who form something incredibly creative and keep on re-inventing themselves, like Marina Abramovic, for example.

Tell us a magical place, anywhere in the world:
There’s a running track alongside the River Schlei by Riesby: Through the forest along the water. It feels like running through a fairy tale.

What are you no good at?
I’m really bad at remembering names. Horrible. But I can remember a face for the rest of my life!

Which piece of art would you like to own?
A light box from Thomas Hirschhorn, the one with the taped-on shoulders.

Would you rather fight a duck the size of a horse or a hundred horses the size of a duck? Awesome question, I had to give that a good think and check my fighting techniques. I think I would take on the giant horse-duck, piece of cake!

What would you cook for us if we came to visit you?
Oh dear, I can’t cook at all. With the exception of simple children’s meals I have never been able to achieve anything in that area, just the shopping already gets me in knots. But because I really love eating really well, I would order Japanese for us.

What are you afraid of?
Something happening to my kids.

When was last time you tried something new and what was it?
I like trying new things as long as it’s not bungee jumping or something like that. I tried surfing in March. And playing Skat, but that drove me crazy – so I don’t think I’ll be doing that again. I wanted to try having a cold shower every morning, but under the shower I remembered I’d already tried it and it just wasn’t for me.

What should no one know about you?
Somebody already spilled the beans on my bank apprenticeship recently. I’m not telling any more secrets :)

Which question should we have asked?
The one about my favourite band.

Last words:
The brain runs on fun.

Photo: Anders Tellerraas

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Yasmine Orth


Yasmine Orth is a real superwoman: consultant, creative rogue, yogi, networker and single mother. She operates a co-working space and regularly invites great woman to the Salon Mondaine in the SOHO House to talk about interesting topics. Her legendary woman’s network Goerlz Club founded in 2004 is now called Lover’s Club and is also open to men. An active community for a conscious life, if you will – or the mature version of Goerlz Club.  From the 1st to 3rd of Juli, her first ‚URBAN LIBERTINES – Conscious Living Yoga Retreat‘ will be taking place near Berlin. For three days, she will be bringing teachers, coaches and speakers together to support us stressed out city slickers in finding our own balance with yoga, meditation, live music, talks, vegan food, performances and much more. We’re in on the whole thing as a partner and are really looking forward to it. But first, let’s ask Yasmine about her personal energy sources, imagine what being a man feels like and dance barefoot to re-discovered electronic sounds.

Name: Yasmine Orth
Age: 37
Home: Berlin
Profession: Consultant, Creative Director & Connector
Shoe size: 40
Favourite asana: Paschimottanasana (seated forward bend pose for devotion and patience)

Describe yourself in three words:
Active, inquisitive, free spirit

What gives you energy?
The love of my daughter. When wishes, projects or events become real. Whenever I have unique encounters, especially spontaneous ones. The precious time in my garden and close to water. When I dance. And particularly when I meditate, practise yoga in a group and give myself al lot of me-time.

Would you like to be a man for a day – and if so, why?
Definitely. I would like to feel how a mature man loves, how a weak man suffers, how a brave man feels, how a clever man thinks and how a handsome man perceives himself.

When are you in balance?
When I feel connected. Resting fully within in my body, in my heart, open and trusting. I love the combination of a lot of input and output during the week and total deceleration and nature at the weekend. And when it’s just the right ratio of being alone and being with others.

What is the biggest challenge as a single mother?
There are quite a few: Achieving too much in too little time, earning more but still keeping an eye on yourself, always being strong and above all being a good mother to your daughter.

The whole world is listening, what do you say?
Listen to your heart more. Look into the hearts and eyes of others more. Let love in. I have to tell myself that often, too ;)

What are you battling with at the moment?
Always time. Often with the complexity of my thoughts and then finding peace. The broad spectrum of subjects I have chosen to juggle. And not having enough wo/manpower to achieve all the important things I would like to. Especially with our club. I often find it difficult to ask for help.

Close your eyes and think of something nice. What are you thinking about?
I am lying on my back looking up through tree branches into the wide sky.

You are reincarnated, as what?
As the soul I am. Just even more free and light.

Why can only women save the planet?
Haha. Who says that? It’s definitely time for men and women to give the feminine aspect in all of us more attention and appreciate it more. That just hasn’t been given enough space in the past 3,000 years. Without this preserving principle, giving life and nourishing it with deep love, dark skies lie ahead. And it would make so much sense if all people would realise that sustainability starts with our own personal resources. If we wear ourselves down all the time, it’s no wonder. More introspective, more love for yourself, more love for others, more happiness, more health. Pretty simple, actually.

What would you cook for us if we came to visit you?
I’d rather have you cook for me.

What are you afraid of?
I think any kind of fear comes up occasionally (insecurity/loss/livelihood/illness). Fear of something happening to my daughter and my loved ones. At the moment of the worldwide crises and particularly the political insecurity and propaganda from people who are led by fear. But that’s more of a worry. And fear can be good sometimes. It makes you attentive. I just try to find trust again quickly and appreciate that fear showed itself.

When was last time you tried something new and what was it?
I’ve been going out dancing again recently. The old part of it: electronic music. The new part: sober, barefoot and in the middle of the day. Really strange at first, but then it’s just a lot of fun.

What should no one know about you?
Where I do that. Ha ha.

Which question should we have asked you?
Those were all great questions.

Last words:

Photo: Claudia Casagrande

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Felix Hallwachs


The 2 Minute Interview

Felix Hallwachs is an incredibly likeable and charismatic person. And he is also an architect and the managing director of Little Sun, the small solar lamp meant to bring light to all the places without a consistent energy supply. The driving force behind this social business is the über-artist Olafur Eliassion and the company is located in Germany’s beautiful capital Berlin. Great job, great company, a whole lot of meaning and the perfect place – what else could you ask for? The simple things, of course. Because happiness lies within us, as we were allowed to find out. Thank you, dear Felix.

Name: Felix Hallwachs
Age: 39
Home: Berlin
Profession: Architect
Shoe size: 45
Favourite month: April

If you could change the world over night, where would you start?
By bringing global compassion and togetherness forward – when we all start developing our similarities instead of cultivating our differences, the world will surely be a better place.

Can Little Sun save the world?
We believe so – but we probably can’t do it all alone. Saving the world takes a global community. We don’t just produce solar products, we try to connect people worldwide. By underlining similarities instead of differences, we hope to narrow the emotional gap between global north and global south.

What do you do on cloudy days?
I look for sunlight between the clouds. And I use yesterday’s sun – that’s the great thing about solar lamps…

An encounter you’ll never forget:
Definitely the first encounter with my son, who was born last year.

Tell us about a magical place!
The best magical place is found within ourselves.

What have you been wanting to do for ages but never get around to?
Thousands of things – which leads me to not always achieving to do the things I actually set out to do.

What are you impressed by?
People who manage to achieve everything they set out to do (but only if they set out to do a lot). Pretty much everything done with zeal, energy and enthusiasm.

The world in the year 2100 is…
Hopefully a little lighter, cleaner and more peaceful than today.

Which piece of art would you like to own?
That’s a long list! Although most of the pieces in our house are from friends or acquaintances – I only knew I wanted to have them when I saw them in the studio or gallery…

What would you cook for us if we came to visit you?
Probably something suitable for babies, healthy and not very spicy – my son just turned one and is slowly trying anything kitchen-related.

What are you afraid of?
Something happening to my nearest and dearest. And climate change. And all the conflicts in the world. And the current populism in politics – that definitely belongs on the list, unfortunately.

When was last time you tried something new and what was it?
Little Sun is still a project where we are breaking new ground on most days. So it’s easier to ask myself when I will actually do something familiar again. And it’s not much different in private with a baby. A wonderful adventure.

What should no one know about you?
You won’t find that out here…

What question should we have asked?
How can we make the world a better place together? And how do we get more people to believe in the power of renewable energy and to actually change their habits?

Last words:
Solar love for everyone!

Photo: Claus Morgenstern


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The 2 Minute Interview

Brando is actually called Marlon, who would have thought! Ok, so tall, dark, handsome…, we’ll take him! What’s much more important, the boy can sing! About things, with words, humour and brains. Born in Berlin, raised at Lake Constance, now back home, at the Boxi (Boxhagener Platz) and its surroundings.  That’s were his first album „Nur der Anfang“ (Just the beginning) was created, which we’re playing up and down here every day because it is full of text and poetry, because it makes us think, hope and feel in the now. So now we want to know more and are going to ask. Bring it on!

Name: Brando
Age: 30
Home: Berlin
Profession: Musician
Shoe size: big
Favourite quote: „The more lavish the plan, the more complicated the deed.“ Erich Kästner
Contact: | Youtube

What does Berlin sound like?
Always different.

If your album is just the beginning, what’s next?
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

A decision you’ll never regret:
Having recorded this album. Despite all the difficulties, the detours and the long time it all took – all the hassle was so worth it.

Who or what inspires you?
A lot of my music is about stories and the description of a world of images in which they all take place. A lot of inspiration comes from films that combine a fascinating story with strong images. From independent and underground to mainstream – from ‚Jess Franco‘ to ‚Tony Scott‘ or ‚Christopher Nolan‘ – from ‚City of God‘ and ‚She Killed in Ecstasy‘ to ‚Star Wars‘ or ‚Blade Runner‘.

What do you sing under the shower?
Now matter how hard I listen every day – it’s just so loud in there, I can never understand. Really.

Island, iPod, just three songs. Which ones?
If I ever end up on an island, nothing will matter anymore anyway. So: „Billie Holiday – Warpaint“; „Sugar Man – Rodriguez“; „Crimson – Morcheeba“ or „Maggot brain – Funkadelic“.

What did you dream of last night?
That Russel Westbrook and Oklahoma City Thunder won the NBA-Championship. But I have that dream every night.

Which characteristics do you appreciate in a person?
Honesty & loyalty.

What did you want to grow up to be as a child?
Something fun that I’m good at.

With which famous person would you like to go out for drinks?
Marlon Brando or Cara Delevigne.

What would you cook for us if we came to visit you?
Spaghetti à la reality TV. When are you coming? Tell me quick!

What are you afraid of?

When was last time you tried something new and what was it?
I recorded an album recently.

What should no one know about you?
I can be a really disgusting nerd when it comes to music and films.

What question should we have asked?
What questions? Why isn’t there a synonym for synonym? How much does a house weigh? Can Gargamel really turn Smurfs into gold?

Last words:
Cordon Sport.

Photo: Caspar Hees


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Alexander Dorenberg


Das 2 Minuten-Interview

Good God, can this chap sing. Alexander Dorenberg played at our very first Golden Dinner and was one of our musical guests at our agency birthday on Sunday. By the time he started rapping to his acoustic guitar, we were done for. In fact, we were so taken with him that we had ask for an interview straight away – we just had to take a really close look and listen to find out whether a musical soul awaits behind this warm, melodic voice. Rather! Poetic, profound and gloriously grounded. His most prized possession? Read for yourself. Thanks Alex, see you at the next note.
Name: Alexander Dorenberg
Age: 39
Home: Berlin
Profession: Musician
Shoe size: 44/45
Favourite sound: The rustling of leaves in the treetops on a slightly breezy summer’s day
Contact: via or

Island, iPod, just three songs. Which ones?
Give it away now
Bohemian Rhapsody
God only knows

If you hadn’t become a musician, then you would probably be: A teacher or comic artist.

Your most prized possession: My memories.

A moment you’ll never forget? A session at a friend’s party in New York.

Tell us a magical place, anywhere in the world: Eldert Street 345, Bushwick, New York, roof top

Who do you admire? In general people brave enough to defend freedom no matter how strong the opposition and David Bowie (R.I.P.)

What was the last thing that really moved you? Negative: the audacity of many power-hungry people and the corresponding injustices you hear about in the news every day. That peaceful people often don’t have the possibility to withdraw from power-political games is really a disgrace and it moves me! Just flip on the radio and choose any conflict! Moreover: A funeral where I played „Tears in Heaven“. The deceased had been a fan of Clapton’s, the ceremony was very emotional and as I began to sing, I was really surprised that my voice was clear and strong.

What urgently needs to be invented? A world in which people live together like in John Lennon’s “Imagine” or in “Star Trek“ – The focus is on education. Exploitation and ecological destruction are things of the past. (And beaming, of course, would be cool, too!)

With which artist would you like to record a song? Steve Vai

What would you cook for us if we came to visit you? Homemade pizza and a homemade New York Cheesecake with fruit topping for dessert. Or a vegetarian doner kebab with seitan.

What are you afraid of? Being helpless and condemned to inactivity. As long as I can lead an autonomous life and can plan steps to reach my prospects, I can keep my fear in check.

When was last time you tried something new and what was it? I tried a newBen & Jerry´s flavour a few days ago and it was: delicious!

What should no one know about you? I’m a level 3 mutant that can change its shape and spies on the AFD.

What question should we have asked? You were good! I can’t think of one right now.

Last words: Courage, my heart, take leave and fare thee well! (from “Steps“, H. Hesse)

Photo: Nadine Liebermann

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Hendrik Otremba


The 2 Minute Interview

Hendrik Otremba sings. Hendrik Otremba paints. And boy, does he! Both, we mean. And then he’s also a lecturer, works as a free-lance author, journalist, lector, songwriter and hosts his own radio show at BYTE.FM. Boy oh boy! His band Messer is well known in the indie world. His paintings caused a stir in the press, can be found on various album covers and grace many walls, for example those of the Galerie Jäger. Last Friday, he opened his latest exhibition together with Thorsten Nagelschmidt aka Nagel in the Tennisbar in Neukölln. A word with the artist, Sir! Do you have a favourite film?

Name: Hendrik Otremba
Age: 31
Home: Berlin
Profession: Artist
Shoe size: 42
Favourite tool: knife

Who or what inspires you?

Films, books, paintings – pretty unspectacular.

What satisfies you more: music or painting?
I can’t really distinguish between them. But painting is harder – if it’s grotty there, it’s really grotty.

Where should one of your painting definitely be hanging?
In a prison.

Your song for eternity? And yes, just one!
Scott Walker – It’s raining today

Your generation’s biggest problem?

What did you want to grow up to be?
Singer and detective, so I made it.

Which knowledge would you have liked to have had at 20?
Smoking is bad for your skin.

What are you really bad at?

What goes wrong?

Which moment changed everything?
My birth. After that, everything was different for me.

You can travel in a time machine. Which year do you set it to and why?
2015. That was nice.

With which famous person would you like to go out for drinks?
Pogo McCartney

What would you cook for us if we came to visit you?
Pasta a la Norma

What are you afraid of?
Something happening to my nearest and dearest.

Which super power would you like to have?
Being invisible.

What should no one know about you?
I’m incredibly vain.

Which question should we have asked?  
What’s your favourite film?

Last words:

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