The Great Journey

This article is a premiere. And that’s because it isn’t. Never before have we repeated a topic in our beloved muxmäuschenwild Magazine. Until today. ‚The Great Journey´ by the Theater Anu already lit up the airfield at Tempelhof last year with its labyrinth of 3,000 candles. In and around the candle light, all kinds of fantastic creatures were floating around, telling stories, playing, singing and taking us with them to a world “far far away” and “almost still awake”. The magical travelling circus of the Theater Anu is coming to our capital for the second time now. Last weekend, it put its spell on us again from Thursday to Sunday. So much so that we decided we just have to recommend it again to all of you who haven’t made it into the labyrinth yet. Starting tomorrow and until Sunday, you have another four days to become part of the spectacle. Order your ticket here and book your starting time, you don’t want it to be too full so the magic can truly unfurl itself. We’re giving away a pair of spaces on the guestlist to the particularly somnambulistic amongst you. Send us an email with the subject ‚MAGICAL WONDERLAND‘ to Let’s go on a great journey!
Die große Reise – Theater Anu | Tempelhofer Flugfeld, Eingang Columbiadamm, 10965 Berlin |


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More than 50 percent of our agricultural crops end up as rubbish because they don’t fit the norm regarding shape and size, because their sell-by date is too cautious and short or simply because it keeps the economy going. Nobody in their right mind can think this is good. But what can we do to work against food waste? From August 12th to 14th, the fifth International Food Sharing Festival is taking place on the grounds of the Malzfabrik in Berlin. In many workshops, exciting talks, heated discussions, large group meetings and further numerous activities, newbies and experienced food activists can exchange and inspire each other, work on ideas and solutions, find out how to actually build a raised garden bed, save forgotten fruit or learn to tell green from green during a herbal expedition. The event is completely free of charge and includes meals from salvaged produce. Saving food by eating food. Makes sense!
Food Sharing Treffen | 12.-14.08.2016 | Malzfabrik, Bessemerstraße 2, 12103 Berlin | Webseite | Facebook | Tickets | Photo: Food Sharing Festival

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Sacred Ground


Headphones off, everyone. Good. Because music gets better if you listen together with others. If you experience it. If you create joint memories with it. Experiencing music together in an intimate atmosphere is one of the main priorities of the Sacred Ground Festival in the beautiful Uckermark. It’s taking place for the second time from July 29th to 31st and while it fit into one day and one night in 2015, it’s going to take up a whole weekend this year. Danceable beats, resounding dub, driving techno and moving house music in perfect balance with atmospheric, soft, lovingly poetic singer-songwriter-performances. The festival is curated by RY X and Frank Wiedemann, that, of course, also grace the line-up with their joint project Howling. And they’ve invited greats such as Mathew Johnson, Peter Kruder or Ryan Vail as well as exciting newcomers. Gentle Josin for example, psychedelic Fred and Luna or wonderful Alice Phoebe Lou. Despite this promising line-up, there’s no VIP-fuss or cordoned-off backstage area on the hallowed homestead in the Uckermark. The tickets are intentionally limited so that guests and artists can encounter each other in the rural idyll and celebrate together on this 100-year-old farm. We’re giving away a pair of tickets for this enthralling encounter. Send an email headlining ‚HALLELUJA‘ to
Sacred Ground Festival | 29. bis 31. Juli | Trampe 9, Brüssow (Shuttle Service from Prenzlau Hbf) | Tickets from 48,60€ | Facebook

Now that’s Berlin



When have you truly seen Berlin? If you’ve watched a sunrise from the television tower? Spent the afternoon dancing in the Berghain? Gone East on a raft, broken into the shut down Plänterwald at night? Yes, sure. All that. And infinitely more. A city is made by those who live in it. Airbnb set out to talk to witty Berliners about their city. Ask them what makes Berlin their Berlin. Which places they will always carry in their hearts and minds. The answers formed an imaginative, collective view of the city. And the artist collective 44flavors has turned it into a colourful, lively exhibition. So the Hallesche Haus, located by the gate of the same name, is being turned into the #LiveThereHaus for one weekend, a place filled with stories made for bringing together, discovering and taking part. Everyone can bring their own Berlin story and build onto the house, the small world. Exciting Berliners are sharing their skills for some extra entertainment: you can brew with BRLO, groove with Nikeata Thompson, get crafty with Sarah from This Is Jane Wayneor discuss with Michael Nast. That’s what makes Berlin Berlin.
The Berlin #LiveThere Haus | July 13th to 17th | Hallesches Haus, Tempelhofer Ufer 1, 10961 Berlin| und Facebook

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Gourmandise and Groove

Describe a perfect day. Well, that’s a no-brainer for us. Inevitably, it’s going to include friends, perfect weather, really good music (live if possible) and really delicious food (in a non-bourgeois atmosphere). Which means there are quite a few perfect days coming up, because our favourite delivery service client is going on a Bites & Vibes Summer Tour. Which means: all of the above. The best restaurants from the foodora portfolio are presenting their culinary creations in a street food format. Hand-made pasta, juicy burgers, exotic curries or pimped deli classics can be enjoyed while sauntering along – and that’s going on in 5 German cities. The street food markets in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Düsseldorf and Cologne are accompanied by acoustic delicacies. Selected live acts and DJs deliver the beats to match the bites. The culinary kick-off is taking place this weekend in the capital. So we’ve already started reducing our daily food-intake to make room for fermented super-cabbage from Fräulein Kimchi, vegan Donuts by Brammibal, literarily inspired burger creations by Schiller Burger and further foodie surprises. That will, we rejoice, be a perfect day!
Bites & Vibes by foodora Summer Tour | July 16th Berlin, July 23rd Munich, July 30th Düsseldorf, July 31st Hamburg, August 13th Cologne  | Facebook


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Welcome to the garden of earthly delights

Pretty much 500 years ago, Hieronymus Bosch died. The Dutch painter was and is to this day one the most mysterious, most fatidic and, for many contemporaries and artistic heirs, most inspiring personalities that ever lived. Hieronymus Bosch created paintings filled with symbols, religious grace and earthly criticism, filled with blood, sweat, tears and excrements. Torn bodies, effusions, copulating creatures of all species, monsters, devils and torture. Any superstition and fear that might have plagued a human in the middle ages formed his works. The probably most famous painting „The Garden of Earthly Delights “, which portrays humanity caught in the trap of its sins and truly captures the Zeitgeist, has become the symbol of the middle ages par excellence. His few further masterpieces are scattered across various museums and galleries who guard them jealously. The exhibition Hieronymus Bosch.Visions Alive has now not only compiled the scarcely available information on the life and existence of the artist but has also gathered all of the main works in a unique multimedia exhibition. Huge, pin-sharp HD screens bring the colourful, fantastic worlds, the hybrid beings and monstrous creatures from hell to life. The paradise-like utopias and apocalyptic visions can be examined right down to the smallest detail. The whole thing is accompanied by an especially composed sound track. Low-threshold art is what the experts would call it.  Fascinating and spectacular is what we call it and are giving away a pair of tickets worth 12,50 Euro each to the particularly unafraid amongst you. Send us an email headlining ‚NIGHTMARISH‘ to Happy fascinating!
Hiernomus Bosch. Visions Alive | June 7th – October 30th 2016, Mon.-Sun. 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. | Alte Münze, Molkenmarkt 2, 10179 Berlin | Tickets 12,50 Euro / reduced 9,50 Euro


Interior View

Overcrowded boats, crammed with men, women and children, floating on the Mediterranean. Streams of families, packed with the bare necessities, marching across the land. Emergency shelters, bursting at the seams, bare of privacy. Images we encounter via all channels, every day. They are important for recognising the full extent and tragedy of the refugee crisis. As emotional and disturbing as those kind of pictures are, they are also just as documentary. They originate from the point of view of the photographer or journalist. But every person setting off to leave their country to find a better future somewhere else has their own view of this journey. In December 2015, the Hamburger photographer Kevin McElvaneyhanded out 15 disposable cameras to refugees in Izmir, Lesbos, Athens and Idomeni. Half of those cameras returned filled with personal shots and deliver a unique document from inside the flight. They tell stories of deprivation and danger. But there are also portraits of laughing children, snapshots of families, unpretentious every day situations, attempts at normality. And at the same time snapshots from a parallel life, that often uncover their tragedy at a second glance. The ethnographical photographs are flanked by pictures from established photographers and videographers, such as Sinawi Medine. The Eritrean photographer came to Europe via the Mediterranean route himself and documented the work of the civil organisation SOS MEDITERRANEE, which has been able to save over a thousand people from the ocean with their rescue missions. All proceeds from the exhibition will go to this tireless organisation. The vernissage is taking place at 6 pm on Friday, June 10th. Go!
#RefugeeCameras | Spreewerkstätten, Am Krögel 2, 10179 Berlin |  June 11th and 12th, 12 – 6 pm | Vernissage:  June 10th at 6 pm | Facebook

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Small is the New Big


Berlin is booming. Berlin is one great big giant construction site. New apartment buildings are shooting out of the ground on every corner, one investor is overbidding the next one. Everyone is murmuring the g-word. And every once in while, when we take the time to really look, in all this explosive expansion-madness we find a little treasure. A valuable little gem with history and character. Like the Musikbrauerei in our direct neighbourhood in Prenzlauer Berg. Surrounded by homogenous town houses, this 120-year old brick building is evidence from another time. The catacomb-like rooms of the former brewery are raw, undecorated, without frills, naked. This makes it the perfect location for the concert of the ensemble mini on June 10th. The mini orchestra, comprised of 20 musicians, opens reduced, minimalistic perspectives on classical music. Great symphonies don’t have to be bombastic and expensive in order to sound good. This principle, established by Arnold Schönberg 100 years ago, is being carried on by the young British conductor Joolz Gale with his ensemble mini. Young musicians from the Berliner Philharmoniker dare to confront slimmed versions of opulent compositions – without distorting the essence of the creation. On June 9th they will be playing an influential symphony in intimate surroundings: Mahlers tenth. This last, unfinished symphony is a very personal piece and, in a way, builds a bridge to the situation of the Musibrauerei, which stands tall while modern architecture tries to overrun it. While writing his tenth in 1910, Gustav Mahler found out about his wife’s affair with the architect Walter Gropius, which plunged him into a deep crisis and strongly influenced his further work. His desperation was reflected in his oeuvre. What remains is a creation full of expression and strength, as if made for this place. As they say: „Where there is song, you can safely stay…”. And that’s what we’ll do.
Late Night Konzert: Mahler 10, ensemble mini |  June 9th from 10 pm | Musikbrauerei Berlin | Tickets for 20 € (incl. beer) or 15 € (reduced)

Bei meiner Seele


A dark room, at the end a larger than life portrait of a person. The image glows from within, the stare pierces the shell of our humanity and makes its way into our core. The encounter is true and moving, as if we had really met vis-à-vis. ATMAN is a word from ancient Indian Sanskrit and means “soul”. It describes the immortal, true, individual self of a person. In the over 3,000-year-old Vedic scriptures, ATMAN is the divine spark within us, it’s what remains when we are totally centred, free of all illusiveness and aspiration. The state we try to reach with yoga, meditation, self-awareness exercises and diet. Bernd Kolb – visionary, mastermind and former director for innovation at Deutsche Telekom – deals with the great challenges of our global consumer society and possible approaches for a positive and sustainable future. He explored the question why, against better judgement, it is so difficult for us to think and act sustainably and found answers in the encounter with inspiring people who gave him an understanding of the wisdom of ancient Asian cultures. He captured these moments of knowledge and solidarity with his camera. His unusual photography lets us re-discover the inner abundance of humans, it is a visual and emotional experience at the same time. After the great success of his book, the ATMAN exhibition is opening tonight at the Malzfabrik Berlin. Bernd Kolb himself will be present at the vernissage, secretary for cultural affairs Tim Renner will be giving the laudatory speech. The exhibition will be open until September 30th and can only be visited in small, guided groups. Various talks turn the event into meditative and sensory experience that inevitably puts the focus on the visitor. As a special highlight, we will be giving that experience a sensory and culinary extension from September 15th to 30th with a GOLDEN DINNER meets ATMAN special. Following the exhibition, we will be lighting up a sea of candles in and around the exhibition area in the Fight Club of the Malzfabrik every evening, setting the scene for the sensual, the wonderful and the delicious and serving a thematically harmonised, top-class three course menu, spiced with musical delicacies. Tickets to the exhibition and the dinner can be ordered for 89 Euro at
ATMAN – Space for Experience | June 1st to September 30th 2016 | Malzfabrik Berlin, Bessemerstr. 2-14, 12103 Berlin | Entrance 12 Euro | | Facebook | Foto: Bernd Kolb

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Ballet is a woman


The lights are dimmed in the hall and it becomes silent. The curtain rises. Soft, romantic melodies written by Gabriel Faurés start to sound. We dive into a green shimmering reminiscence of past times. And we are spellbound. Last Saturday, George Balanchine’s ballet »Jewels« premiered in the Deutsche Oper and soloists and corps de ballet of the Staatsballett Berlin will live up to the vision of the grand master, who died in 1983, and float over the stage another four times. Legend has it that the choreographer of Russian origin was inspired by the sparkling jewels on display in the windows of 5th Avenue while walking through a snow-covered New York on a crystal clear winter evening sometime in the 1960s. Balanchine converted this composition of treasures, the diamonds and precious gem stones into a feature-length ballet in three acts. It starts with a memory of a fairy-tale-like, romantic France („Emeralds“), continues with a blazing red load of energy and bounce to jazzy sounds („Rubies“) and ends with the reminiscence of the classical Russian ballet and an ode to the jewel of all jewels: „Diamonds“. The female dancers clearly play the main role in this piece – as they did in Balanchine’s life. He was married to four of his ballerinas and his famous sentence “Ballet is a woman” went around the world. „Jewels“ guarantees an enchanting ballet evening that skilfully combines all styles of classical ballet and takes you away to a brilliant, glittering world of physicality, strength and grace. If your heart is beating a little faster now and your eyes have begun to sparkle, we have a special gift for you: we’re giving away a pair of tickets for „Jewels“ at 7.30 p.m. on May 26th. Send us an email headlining ‚MAGPIE‘ to Shine bright like a diamond!
Jewels by George Balanchine with the Staatsballett Berlin | Deutsche Oper Berlin | May 26th and June 10th at 7.30 pm, May 29th and June 19th at 6 p.m. | Facebook

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