Still Wanted: Office, 200 sqm and more

We are reaching our capacity limit. Meaning: we are looking for a new space for our sweet little agency, at least 200sqm., preferably in Kreuzberg and Neukölln – but anywhere else will do fine as well. Several separate rooms or the possibility to create them are a must, nice neighbours and factory flair a plus, a small storage space on site would be nice to have. We’re low-maintenance, quiet and really pretty nice. If you know somewhere or know someone who knows somewhere… you know. Give us a shout at

Wanted: 1-2 room flat

I, event manager, 23 years old, am looking for a cosy 1-2 room flat, preferably in Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain or Kreuzberg as soon as possible for up to 600 Euro incl. heating and maintenance. I’m easy-going, tidy, a non-smoker without pets or loud musical hobbies. If you know somewhere or know someone who knows somewhere… send me an email to I will reward good leads with ice cream or Luxembourgian pastry.

Wanted: Vintage clothes

I, 32 – PR and press girl in real life for a magazine that mainly deals with architecture, urban development and design – am looking for “discarded stage attire”. From evening gowns to fancy frocks. Before these clothes rot in the dark, I want to put them in the spotlight. If you have something for me or want to shine with useful leads, please email me at Can’t wait, thank you in advance!

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