Seeing Through Your Eyes

How long until the milk in the fridge goes off? It says on the carton. When is the train leaving and from which platform? You can read that on the board. When is the number that I took finally going to be called up? Which shirt matches my outfit better: the white one or the black one? A look in the mirror helps. And while we’re at it: On which coat hanger is it in the wardrobe? These questions are all easily answered. If you can see. Many millions of people across the world live with complete blindness or a severe visual impairment. And even though that doesn’t mean being dependent on outside help anymore in the global North, there are often everyday situations in which some support can make life easier. The app bemyeyes makes use of modern technology in order to connect the seeing and the blind. And the principle is as simple as it could be. Blind or visually impaired users can order help in special or everyday situations 24 hours a day by pushing a button that connects them with a seeing user with the same time zone and language via video call. Am I holding the red sweater in my left or right hand? In which can are the tomatoes? What’s on this photograph? Bemyeyes sensibilises and helps to solve many little challenges for blind people in an astoundingly simple way. The application creates small moments of actual community and brings people together at eye-level – in the true sense of the word. User registration and an uncomplicated rating system ensure that only users with honest intentions use the app. Personal data of helpers is not revealed to other users. Download the app free of charge, help each other and get to know each other! Together is more.
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Photo: Emil Jupin


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