What do Frankenstein, Darth Vader, the sorcerer’s apprentice, Smeagol aka. Gollum, the i-Robot and many, many more heroes of books and films have in common? They all follow the tradition of the same Jewish legendary figure. The Golem was once formed from a lump of clay and brought to life. A Golem has enormous strength and part of its destiny is that it outgrows its creator and threatens to destroy him before he inevitably has to return to what he once was: an inanimate mass. Well, that does sound familiar. Golem begins with the Hebrew bible and leads, with constantly new transformations, into the present to gene technology, artificial intelligence, computers and robotics. And because creature and topic have been firing the imagination and thoughts of humans for decades, particularly those of artists, the wonderful Jewish Museum in Berlin is dedicating an impressive special exhibition to Golem and all his companions. In seven room-encompassing chapters and an epilogue, stories, objects and artwork from 600 years span 900 sqm, amongst them objects on loan from distinguished museums and private collections from around the world, for example the MoMA in New York or the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. We walked into this exhibition – which started on September 23rd and goes on until January 29th, 2017 – by chance last weekend and were so fascinated, inspired and confused by it that we just had to tell you about it. This is how culture should be. Edutainment on the highest level. Go and see!
GOLEM |  Jüdisches Museum Berlin, Altbau first floor | until January 29th, 2017 | entrance 8 €, red. 3 € | jmberlin.de/golem


Old Threads


The greyer, the more colourful. When the mean, hazy fog of autumn slowly swallows the sunlight, the days get shorter and the rain showers get longer, we get blissfully comfortable in our homes. Our bodies warmed by a cup of tee, the feet and soul warmed by the new, radiantly coloured favourite carpets by Richard Kim and Philippe Layani, in short: Kim Layani. The two men from Freiburg are fascinated by the Berber’s rich tradition of carpet weaving, who not only use their carpets with the patterns full of symbolism as floor covering, but also as clothing or bedding. Thank God, you want to cry out and gently stroke the purple thread with the soles of your feet. And Kim Layani prefer that thread to be 40 to 60 years old. Not only for reasons of sustainable recycling, but also because of the quality. Back then, the sheep who gave their wool for the carpets still grazed on the high plains. That made their coat durable and shiny. And this effect radiates from the carpets. The guys have various collections on offer, with no kilim looking the same as the next one. Truly handmade, woven right there in Morocco. The name stands for old, repeatedly cleaned carpets that have been dyed in bright colours in oversized wooden tubs. And for the series Nouvelle Vague, various materials such as silk, linen or cotton are spun together to create new patterns. It’s the antithesis to the dusty image of old carpets: old art brought into new form. Timelessly modern and pretty damn colourful.

Kim Layani | Showroom Berlin: Mariannenplatz 21, 10997 Berlin | kimlayani.com | Facebook

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Grace World


The 2 Minute Interview

Grace was a beautiful woman. For her son Richmond, she was the most important person ever. Her whole life, she was tormented by being overweight and the abuse connected to it. So much so that she decided to have surgery, which she didn’t survive. Richmond Bessong took his grief and creative potential and put them into an entrepreneurial mission. Together with co-founder and creative director Kevin, he created the fashion label Grace World Clothing. The simple message: People are beautiful. You are beautiful. When they put their first t-shirt collection on the market in 2012, even they were probably a little surprised when suddenly all kinds of celebrities, like the US rapper Red Café, started wearing their conspiratorially spiritual pieces. Now, they have launched their first complete collection, ‚Chapter One‘. A great opportunity to have one of the most inspirational 2-minute-interviews ever, ever, ever with Kevin and Kanye, sorry, Batman, sorry, Richmond. Thank you!

Name: Kevin Spalek / Richmond Bessong
Age: 24 / 25
Home: Berlin / Bremen & Berlin
Profession: Co-founder / Founder
Shoe size: 44 / 44
Favourite accessory: Cap / duffle bag
Contact: kevin@graceworldclo.com / richmond@graceworldclo.com

In what way where you different five years ago?
K: I always knew where I wanted to be. The only difference is that I now have a better idea of how to get there, ha ha.
R: Five years ago, I wanted to do something to do with fashion. Today, I’m doing something to do with fashion.

What are you proud of?
K: I am proud to have not lost sight of my dream. There were many moments when it seemed impossible to reach. But we kept going. It sounds blunt but the best part is when people who never believed in you suddenly say that you have inspired them. If it was up to me, all my friends should follow their dreams.
R: I am proud of having dedicated this brand to my mother.

What will you do more of the future?
K: I suppose I’ll have to work even more. Although, “have to” is the wrong phrase. Since I turned my hobby into my profession, I can’t keep my mind off it anyway.
R: Risk more.

What are you particularly thankful for?
K: The way my parents brought me up. They always supported my dreams, even in times where they seemed in no way tangible.
R: That is a long list. The short version: My team. My friends. My family. :)

Who is your childhood hero?
K: Kobe Bryant from the Los Angeles Lakers. Aka The Black Mamba aka Mr. Work Moral, Mr. Devotion und Mr. Strong Will.
R: My mother. She’ll always be my idol.

What inspires you?
K: I soak everything up like a sponge. At the moment, particularly the music of Travis Scott and the films of Christopher Nolan.
R: Hope inspires me. You can achieve anything with hope, it’s a feeling that gives you wings.

The three most important articles of clothing:
K: My Story Parka, my high-top sneakers and my oversize T´s. All in black, of course.
R: Ripped jeans, oversize hoodie and Chelsea boots.

Who should wear your collection?
K: Humans would be great, ha ha! Ideally ones with a lot of individual personality. Because that’s what Grace World stands for.
R: Every man and woman. Equality is one of the key messages of Grace World.

Which world does Grace live in?
K: In the real world. But in a new, slightly adjusted version of it. Like an update, the world as it actually should be. Peaceful and multifaceted.
R: Grace World is a concept that doesn’t point fingers. Individuality and fusion are focal points.

How do you complement each other?
K: Richmond is Batman. I’m Alfred and Robin in one person.
R: Kevin would probably mention his Batman/Robin metaphor now.

What do you not like about your job?
K: Let me ask you this: What’s not to like about freedom? :P
R: That the samples are mostly tailored in Large. I need X-Large.

Why do new clothes make people so happy?
K: As a child, one feels like a superhero presenting new stuff in the school yard. That feeling doesn’t change with age. Fashion is life.
R: I think we all strive for variation and fashion offers just that.

What would you cook for us if we came to visit you at home?
K: Definitely pasta. Everyone laughs about my stash at the office.
R: Some African cuisine. As long as it’s something with chicken wings, ha ha.

What are you afraid of?
K: I would like to quote on of my favourite German Rappers: “The greatest motivation is fear of losing it all again.“ ( Shindy)
R: Loss.

When was the last time you tried something new and what was it?
K: Doner kebab. Because we produce our clothing in Turkey, I ate my first doner kebab there. When the restaurant owner heard that I had never eaten a kebab before, it was on the house. I might play that card more often… (You. Can’t. be. Serious?! Editor’s note)
R: I jumped out of an aeroplane a couple of months ago. I think that will last for a while.

What should no one know about you?
K: 50 Shades of Grey. Never read the book. But I like the film.
R: That I am often mistaken for Kanye West.

Which question should we have asked?
K: How did you become part of Grace World?
R: What advice would you give your 18-year-old self?

Last words:
K: #graceworldclo ;)
R: Believe.

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Our Heavenly Burger

There are plenty of good burger joints in the capital and elsewhere in the country. But now, in the upcoming Berlin neighbourhood City West, a butcher has lodged himself in the ground floor of the SIR Savigny Hotel and suddenly, everything is different. Better. The name is the game: counters of chrome and steel, tiled walls and ceilings, a solid wooden table without frills, the cow hanging in front of the window as a symbol of what it’s all about here: really good meat. Since 2012, Amsterdam has been celebrating The Butcher and now, it’s Berlin’s turn – because The Butcher isn’t just any burger bar.  Only the most exquisite Aberdeen Angus Beef is good enough for a Butcher burger. Fresh vegetables, perfectly matched herbs… and, of course, the top-secret secret sauce. And it’s not about being pernickety, it’s all about the highest quality of the ingredients. We recommend the Butcher with cheese, a classic cheeseburger that is just perfect in all ways. From the meltiness of the cheese to the amount of onions to the hand-pressed patty. Or Mama’s Meat Ball Sliders: Mini-burgers including pickles and goat’s cheese. And a fabulous milk shake to go with that. So remember:  I got 99 problems, but the burger ain’t one.
The Butcher | Kantstraße 144, 10623 Berlin | open daily from 7 a.m. |  the-butcher.com/kantstrasse | Facebook


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Green on green

We love plants. Period. Small, large, fat, thin, demanding, low-maintenance, in pots, beds or picture frames on the wall. Hang on, picture frames? We’ve made a discovery and it’s green, styleGREEN to be precise. That’s the name of the brand that conjures a piece of nature into our homes or offices. styleGREEN makes pictures from real plants. Natural Iceland moss, leather-leaf, ivy, tree fern, papyrus and many more greens are artfully arranged into white frames, room dividers or special decorations in the workshop in Munich. But also entire walls and individual designs for offices, lofts or exhibitions are easily created. The best part: a natural and 100% ecological conservation makes the plants lastingly durable. So not only do the green works of art stay beautiful for years and years, they also need neither water nor light. We’ve already brought a piece of nature inside and strongly recommend you do the same. Small moss or plant pictures can be ordered from stylegreen.destarting at a price of 59 Euro. Do you have a little more wall space? We’re giving away a Jungle Wall in 100 x 60 cm to the most enthusiastic nature enthusiast amongst you. Send us an Email headlining ‚GREEN PLANT ON GREEN BACKGROUND ‘ to hurra@muxmaeuschenwild.de.
styleGREEN |  Plant art from 59 € | stylegreen.de | Photo: Peter Langenhahn


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Do It Yourself, Ey?


DIY is one of those things. Nothing comes close to creating something with your own hands and from then on finding pleasure and pride in this useful and beautiful object. The problem is that not all of us are blessed with skills to take the tinkering, crafting and building beyond its, let’s say, meditative advantages and actually make it satisfying because constructive activity. All too often, the crooked, lopsided or barely upright results are closer to modern art than actual furniture, shelves or whatever other intended object. Thank God for wefactory! wefactory is a DIY furniture platform on which designers offer their furniture designs including a step-by-step video tutorial. Which means customers like us can buy complete kits including material, tools and totally fool-proof tutorials and have it sent to them as their next project. Genius! The best part is that you not only build your new favourite piece of furniture yourself, you also gain new skills that may just one day enable you to develop your own designs and offer them for sale on the platform. Why not? If it’s a sound design, wefactory will produce a tutorial together with you and put together a complete construction kit. Sharing joy is fun! That’s why it’s our pleasure and joy to give away the shelf „Kotti“, complete with tutorial, to the particularly crafty amongst you. Send us an email with the subject ‚PRESTO!‘ to hurra@muxmaeuschenwild.de
wefactory |  Prices from 39 Euro | Shop

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The Nomad Barber

The 2 Minute Interview

Liverpudlian Miguel Gutierrez is a barber, that’s a hairdresser+ then – old school and new class. Because Miguel loves what he does, no he lives it. He travelled the world with his shaving and hairdressing tools in order to have a look at all kinds of hairstyling cultures, to improve his own skills and give people a dapper hair cut at the most breath-taking locations around the globe. If you travel that much, you must yearn to just arrive somewhere and settle down – at least for a while? Almost. Because for a nomad by nature, a home just isn’t enough. So he recently opened the second Nomad Barber Shop in his second home, Berlin. Dear Miguel, we’re really happy you’re here. Please stay a while.

Name: Miguel Gutierrez
Age: 29
Home: Berlin / London
Profession: Barber
Shoe size: 9
Favorite hair cut: Textured scissor cut
Kontakt: bln@nomadbarber.com

Full beard or fully shaved?

The most beautiful place you have ever been?

What is home to you?

The best decision of your life?
Becoming a barber.

…and one that you regret:
Not travelling more.

Which things should not be missing in your suitcase?
Canon camera, muehle razor and my macbook.

Which three products should be in every bathroom cabinet?
safety razor, shave brush and pomade.

When was the last time you really laughed from the heart and why?
Everyday in the barbershop, it never stops.

What is the first thing you would do if you were invisible?
Fly to the moon.

The most important invention ever?
The aeroplane

Which celebrity (dead or alive) would you like to give a hair cut?
James Dean

What would you cook for us if we came to visit you at home?
Scouse, a stew famous from Liverpool.

What are you afraid of?

When was the last time you tried something new and what was it?

What should no one know about you?

Any other question should we have asked?
I don’t think so ;)


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Life is a „Ponyhof“


Well alright, the neighbourhood around the S-Bahn station Greifswalder Strasse has not exactly been known as the place to be in the past. Hot spots in terms of design, fashion, trends and going out are normally found elsewhere. Until now! Because the greatest market of the city, the „Berlin Design Market“ (designed for and with us) is moving exactly there, into the concourse of the former freight depot in Greifswalderstrasse 80 , to be precise. From March 2017, small and larger labels from Berlin and other places will be displaying their products on Sundays while food stands and a pop-up restaurant raise the culinary bar to new heights. All this accompanied by changing installations and activities. Have we mentioned the play area with child care? With this new, own location the market is also getting a new name: The „Berlin Design Market“ is turning into „White Pony“. Before the official opening in Spring 2017, the organisers want to introduce the new location to the Berliners. That’s why the first Sunday market is taking place this Sunday, October 16th, 2016. In a kind of best-of Berlin Design Market, over 50 labels from Germany, Poland and Italy will be presenting their favourite products which can be bought on site and taken home. The culinary joy of the visitors lies in the skilled hands of street food caterers j.kinski and Fuego & Co. Both will be on board as permanent partners in 2017 as well.
„White Pony – Sonntags-Markt an der Greifswalder“ | Greifswalder Strasse 80, 10409 Berlin | Kick-Off Su., 16.10.2016, 11 am – 7 pm | From March 2017 every Sunday | berlindesignmarket.de

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Seeing Through Your Eyes

How long until the milk in the fridge goes off? It says on the carton. When is the train leaving and from which platform? You can read that on the board. When is the number that I took finally going to be called up? Which shirt matches my outfit better: the white one or the black one? A look in the mirror helps. And while we’re at it: On which coat hanger is it in the wardrobe? These questions are all easily answered. If you can see. Many millions of people across the world live with complete blindness or a severe visual impairment. And even though that doesn’t mean being dependent on outside help anymore in the global North, there are often everyday situations in which some support can make life easier. The app bemyeyes makes use of modern technology in order to connect the seeing and the blind. And the principle is as simple as it could be. Blind or visually impaired users can order help in special or everyday situations 24 hours a day by pushing a button that connects them with a seeing user with the same time zone and language via video call. Am I holding the red sweater in my left or right hand? In which can are the tomatoes? What’s on this photograph? Bemyeyes sensibilises and helps to solve many little challenges for blind people in an astoundingly simple way. The application creates small moments of actual community and brings people together at eye-level – in the true sense of the word. User registration and an uncomplicated rating system ensure that only users with honest intentions use the app. Personal data of helpers is not revealed to other users. Download the app free of charge, help each other and get to know each other! Together is more.
bemyeyes | bemyeyes.org | Video | iTunes |

Photo: Emil Jupin


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24 Weeks


Get up now or snooze for another five minutes? Coffee with or without sugar? Hop on the bike or into the tube? We make a lot of decisions each day. Small moments of yes or no, considered and decided within seconds. And then there are moments when we face unsolvable questions. That threaten to put us completely off balance and our life to spin out of control. An abyss opens. And no one knows what to do. In her second feature film »24 Wochen«, film-maker Anne Zohra Berrached takes a closer look at one of those chasms. Julia Jentsch plays Astrid, a devoted cabaret artist, mother of a child, wife of Markus (played by Bjarne Mädel). When she is pregnant with her second child, she finds out it will be born disabled.  Astrid and Markus face a life-altering decision. Oppressive and heart-breaking, soul-touching and abysmal feelings form the visual language. This film brings us very close to the people and their emotions, their despair and their inability. Director Berrached intensified her demand for authenticity by letting real doctors and not actors play the medics in the film. The language is real. So is the confrontation. »24 Wochen« was the only German entry in the competition of the 66th Biennale. And convinces with its merciless approach of a topic that is a taboo to this day: Who decides over life and death? How far does selfishness go? How much can a person bear?  How much strain can a relationship endure? How much stress can you put on a family? We want to know everything. But what do we do with this knowledge?
24 Wochen |  Starting at cinemas on September 22nd, 2016 | Trailer | Facebook| Photo: Neue Visionen Filmverleih