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Let’s imagine the following scenario: a romantic picnic, somewhere at a remote lake – cuddling with your favourite person, a cooled bottle of wine, watching the sun set slowly… smack! Mosquitos! Mosquitos?! Mosquito-invasion! And now what? Douse yourself in yucky smelly mosquito repellent? Defy the summer breeze with citronella candles until they singe your eyebrows? Or just cuddle into a really attractive, ultra-comfy outdoor blanket from the Berlin start-up Permetex (yes, sounds a bit cumbersome but is simply genius!). Bingo! Because Marili Werle (sounds sweeter than candy) and the sisters Ellen and Maren Wölk are currently revolutionizing the world of insect repellents with Permetex. Because they hand-weave the component Permethrin into their blankets, the synthetic reproduction of the natural insect repellent from the chrysanthemum blossom. This causes hot feet for insects and makes any surface unattractive to the little critters. This invention is ground-breaking for highly-exposed countries in which mosquitos also often spread horrible diseases. In these parts, it protects us from ugly red spots and annoying itching during mild bonfire moments, but also from ticks and mites, fleas, moths and bed bugs. All you need is a pillow case or sheet, sleeping bag or suit bag with that certain something. The materials are breathable, ecologically certified and, on top of that, really pretty. This is genius stuff! We’re giving away a sleeping bag in teal to the most mosquito-harassed amongst you. Send us an email headlining ‚BUZZZZZZZZZZ, SMACK!‘ to
Permetex |  Textiles with integrated insect repellent | from 39 Euro |

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The Rhythm of Life

Fast, loud, always moving – life means keeping up, keeping on and going along. Which turns your own home into an oasis of comfort, a cave, a holy temple. Since 2011, the internationally renowned Kinfolk Magazine has been cultivating the concept of community and deceleration and engages in the era of slow living. It looks into how the design of living spaces can contribute to deceleration. The recently published Kinfolk Home Book gathers 35 inspiring living portraits from around the World, from Barcelona to Copenhagen to Tokyo. A blend of varied portraits of the people behind the walls, the corresponding interiors and relevant essays over 368 pages creates a book that is animated, beautiful to look at and totally and utterly decelerating. Just looking at the pictures gets you in a meditative mood. We’re giving away an issue hot off the press to the most frugal amongst you. Send us an email titled ‚EASY DOES IT‘ to
The Kinfolk Home. Live your own rhythm | Hardback, 368 pages, 350 pictures | 39,95 Euro |


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Herbert Hofmann


The 2 Minute Interview

Herbert Hofmann is originally from Landeck in Tyrol and studied Geography in Innsbruck and Stockholm. Which wouldn’t be particularly spectacular if Herbert wasn’t significantly responsible for one of the most style-forming Berlin fashion stores ever as Creative Director. The Voo Store in the court of the Oranienstraße really needs no further introduction – no other store is as representative for the modern, lifestylish, naturally casual and pretty confident Berlin as the fashion and lifestyle store in the rooms of a former locksmith’s shop. Who is the actual star: shop or products? If you ask Herbert, the latter is the case, of course. Carefully and with unerring intuition he chooses each piece personally and visits the fairs and stores of the world. Let’s talk rubber animals, Herbert!

Name: Herbert Hofmann
Age: 32
Home: Berlin
Profession: Purchaser / Creative Director
Shoe size: US10
Favourite designer: Raf Simons
Contact: @halloherbert

Why is fashion so important?
Fashion is a great means of expression and is fun, but I have never used the word ‚important‘ referring to it. Naked people are fabulous, too.

What do you find typical for Berlin?
Straightforwardness and tolerance.

Which fashion trend should never come back?
Skinny Jeans.

What does your home look like?
Like a Jungle.

Your biggest fashion sin?
I regret nothing! (I hope there aren’t any pictures of potential bloopers)

What are you proud of?
My friends and family.

What is good style?
Individuality. Just trying to buy and wear styles that you like and then combine them wildly – in the end, everything will fit together.

The hero of your youth?
Rudi Carrell

How would your parents describe you?

What would you cook for us if we came to visit you at home?

Which celebrity would you like to do a make-over for?
To each his own… Changes are good if you want them yourself.

What are you afraid of? Stupidity.

What should no one know about you?
Which music I listen to during sports.

Which question should we have asked?
Beyoncé or Rihanna?

Last words:

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He Who Works Has To Eat

The Factory – airy, unobstructed cubes over red brick buildings right at the Berlin Wall memorial Bernauer Straße – is the first and largest start-up campus in Germany. This is where innovation in form of humans meets up, this is where they think, fiddle, develop and calculate, discuss and share. Greats like Twitter, Pinterest and SoundCloud mix with freelancers and creative heads of small start-ups. And when else can you talk shop, discuss and brainstorm better than when you’re… right, eating. That’s why the Factory Kitchen is opening on September 2nd. And that’s being celebrated in advance, on August 25th. And if you’re having a party to celebrate a contemporary cafeteria, you’d better have some sensible food. Therefore, 10 well-known Berlin food bloggers will be cooking it up in the Factory Kitchen – the twins Sophia and Maria from In Search Of, for example, will be lovingly battling Two Foodies Eating , or Fräuleinchen will be serving side by side with Zucker und Jagdwurst. All the bloggers favourite recipes will be featured in the regular lunch menu of the Factory Kitchen in the following weeks. Honest, urban, creative cuisine is the claim of the central meeting point of the campus community. And we believe it. And are giving away a pair of tickets for the opening event. Send an email with the subject ‚YOU GOTTA EAT!‘ to Bon Appétit!
FACTORY KITCHEN OPENING PARTY | Factory, Rheinsberger Straße 76/77, 10435 Berlin | August 25th from 7 p.m. | Tickets | Facebook


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Imagine this…


My God, the Uckermark is beautiful! Countless lakes, soft rolling hills, enchanting avenues and the vastness of untouched and, above all, very, very green frontal moraine landscapes. And all of this just a stone’s throw away from Berlin. 80 kilometres, so about one hour by car or train is all it takes to get to heart of this idyll. We have discovered a particularly special place, the greatest treasure in a green paradise, if you will. The manor Röddelin, a stately home with garden from the late 19th century has five bedrooms, five bathrooms, two living rooms, a kitchen, a terrace and more. The landscaped garden connects the house and its modern interior with the adjacent lake Röddelinsee. What a lovely place to spend a relaxed week of vacation with your nearest and dearest, or just unwind for a few days. If you’re looking to get creative, the home is also available to rent for business meetings, workshops or yoga retreats. Oh, and you can, of course, also plan your wedding here. Practical, as you have your mother-in-law including entourage in the house with you. At a sufficient distance, of course, because the 320 sqm. do offer enough space. The hard facts: dreamy idyll, beautiful house with plenty of sleeping and living space for up to 10 Persoons for 1.500 Euro/week. We’re coming!
Herrenhaus Röddelin | | Röddeliner Dorfstrasse 26, 17268 Templin-Röddelin |

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Hello world, nice to meet you!


Manu is Swiss, Jyri is Finnish. Cultural differences? Check. Lots in common anyway? Double check. The couple confronted the three biggest relationship challenges known to man: 1. Marriage. 2. A child. 3. A world trip. They documented the latter in photographs. Oh boy, did they! As director and digital media designer, they both have an eye for powerful pictures and know how to pack stories into moving images. Their short film »Voyage« is everything that defines travelling – in a nutshell. The pause to reflect. The smelling. The eye-opening. The tasting. The forgetting of time. Five minutes of the world that make you want so much more. But that’s not all. With the project nice to meet you, ntmy, in short, the two of them created a cinematic portrait of earth-dwellers, temporary change of perspective and illustrated broadening of horizons. Because Manu and Jyri not only took clothes, camera and cooker on their trip but also lots of questions: Who could be king of the world? Which object would you want to show to an alien? Do you own a weapon? If so, why? They posed these and more questions to people from China, the USA, Argentina, Guatemala and anywhere they stopped on their travels. Each questioned person added a further question to the catalogue. A moving-pictures travel blog is what they call it. Inspiring, connective and marvellously fascinating is what we call it. Have fun getting to know it.
NTMY, the project | NTMY, the film

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The 2 Minute Interview

Introducing: The tremendous trio of breakfast culture aka Levin, Anna und Leandro from the legendary, sticky and warm Haferkater in Berlin. After the three of them brought the Brits favourite breakfast dish (besides bacon, beans and scrambled eggs) porridge to Germany, to the Boxhagener Straße in Berlin to be precise, they were showered in praise and prizes – and rightly so. As the winner of the XYZ Award of the Deutsche Bahn, they’re even running a pop-up store in the middle of Berlin Hauptbahnhof. Can it get any better? That’s what we wanted to ask. But we then somehow drifted off to mountain hiking, ant-phobia and cucumber water.  How did that happen? Read for yourselves. P.S. Levin and his girlfriend are currently looking for a 2-room flat, so if you have any clues: ;)

Name: Levin Siert / Anna Schubert / Leandro Burguete
Age: 28 / 25 / 26
Home: Berlin / Friedrichshain / Friedrichshain
Profession: Porridge Magician / Haferkater-founder / entrepreneur
Shoe size: 44 / 38,7 / depends on the country
Favourite topping: Holy Granola and frozen blackberries / strawberries / walnuts
Contact: / /

Hangover: what really helps?
Levin: Porridge with a lacing of rum
Anna: Don’t drink alcohol. And if it’s too late, better try the Knusperkater: porridge with almonds, cashews, cedar nuts, crunchy bits and maple syrup.
Leandro: Sleep.

The best characteristics of your co-founders?
Levin: Never losing their sense of humour. Looking forward even when everything is going well already.
Anna: They’re boys.
Leandro: We complement each other well.

A day without breakfast is…
Levin: …a day without joy.
Anna: … probably one I’ve had to start before 6 a.m., which is pretty rubbish on principle.
Leandro: …unthinkable.

What would you work as if you hadn’t become a gastronomic entrepreneur?
Levin: As a musician or taxi driver. Probably both ;)
Anna: As a volcanologist, literary translator or long-term student.
Leandro: As a barista.

What do you do on a day off?
Levin: I work mentally and pretend it’s free time :)
Anna: What is that?
Leandro: Read the paper.

Your greatest (professional) success so far?
Levin: The Haferkater-Popup-Store in Berlin Central Station and convincing our parents that we’re not going to be broke tomorrow.
Anna: I can play three-and-a-half pieces of music on the piano.
Leandro: My two-year-old son.

What should no one postpone until tomorrow?
Levin: Wishing your parents a Happy Birthday…
Anna: Booking a holiday, enjoying the sun.
Leandro: Doing the dishes.

Which moment of your life would you like to relive once more exactly as it was?
Levin: An unplanned hike from Roses to Cadaqués in a thunderstorm. Without drinking water or a bus schedule for the drive back.
Anna: The moment of reaching the summit after three days of hiking in the Vosges.
Leandro: My first porridge at Haferkater.

The best advice you’ve ever received?
Levin: If you want to build a street, lay one stone after the other. And: If money doesn’t make you happy, you’re spending it on the wrong things :)
Anna: Love it, leave it or change it.
Leandro: Drink lots of water.

Dog or cat?
Levin: A big, greedy, sweet Golden Retriever.
Anna: Cat.
Leandro: Cat.

What would you cook for us if we came to visit you at home?
Levin: Definitely pumpkin-salmon-lasagne. If it’s a spontaneous visit: frozen pizza.
Anna: Sushi. And I would order it, because it just tastes better.
Leandro: A pumpkin-lentil hotpot with coriander.

What are you afraid of?
Levin: Ants. Especially the really tiny ones. And a day without coffee.
Anna: The sound mosquitos make when they’re about to attack.
Leandro: My tax counsellor.

When was the last time you tried something new and what was it?
Levin: The Berghain without alcohol. It was pretty boring…
Anna: I went to Dunkin Donuts for the first time yesterday.
Leandro: Cucumber water at Cookies Cream.

What should no one know about you?
Levin: That I bred snails and frogs in my childhood.
Anna: That I always try to get out of interviews ;)
Leandro: That I really love sleeping.

Which question should we have asked you?
Levin: „What are you doing while you’re answering these questions?“
Anna: From which platform at the central station does the S5 leave? And the S7? And the train to Warsaw? And where can I buy flowers?
Leandro: In which city the next Haferkater will be.

Last words:
Levin: My favourite word: Pumpernickel
Anna: Doesn’t the legal notice have the last word?
Leandro: I leave those to Anna.


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Hiking isn’t just for hikers. While some think of toned calves and cheese sandwiches beside summit crosses, others like to let mind, spirit and soul wander along with the body. The Wanderlust-Festival, already popular in the US, is coming to Germany for the first time this summer and is animating full-body hikers to take part in a triathlon of mindfulness. The focus lies less on athletic competition and more on an inspiring community and a feeling of individual wellbeing. The festival is taking place on one day each in Berlin, then one week later in Munich and finally, in Cologne. It starts with a 5k run and the only rule is to arrive at the finish line – no matter whether you get there hopping, running or dancing. The second part is a 75-minute Flow Yoga session accompanied by live DJs.  The third and final part is a hike of the spirit and soul during a half-hour guided meditation. All this is complemented by really good food, art and inspiring talks about all kinds of topics related to bodywork. The festival is starting deeply relaxed and motivated on the Tempelhofer Feld on August 21st. If you’re looking for a little sweat as well as a bouquet of high-fives and quietness, send us an email headlining ‚I WANDER, THEREFORE I AM‘ to We’re giving away one pair of tickets each for the Berlin and Munich edition. Walk on!
Wanderlust Germany |  August 21st Berlin, Tempelhofer Feld, August 28th Munich, Olympiapark, September 11th Cologne, Mediapark | Tickets ab 39€ | | Photo: Karen Scheffe

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Wine, Vibes and Song

Just a little glass? Oh go on then – cheers! Especially when the glasses are filled with wines that go by names like Moonshine Riesling or Sunset Pinot noir. But only if we can look at the moonshine or the setting sun while emptying them. Too much to ask? By no means! Until August 27th, the winery F.W. Langguth Erben from the Mosel is inviting guests up to the roof. From Thursdays to Sundays, you can take part in their wine tastings at a fixed rate on the 450 sqm terrace of the Rooftop Bar over Neukölln. And because wine tastes better with vibes and song, musicians and slam poets will create the right atmosphere. And not only can you drink the wines, you can also study them. Workshops, for example the cocktail workshop on Thursday, guide you through the wide world of liquid indulgence. The mix is completed by open-air-rooftop-yoga or just hanging out with friends and a glass of something cool. You just can’t beat Neukölln.
ERBEN Rooftop Winebar | Thiemannstraße 1, 12059 Berlin |  Until August 27th, Thu & Fri 6-11 p.m., Sat & Sun 4-11 p.m. |


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Under my skin

Skin Gin

Skin Gin

When you lovingly run a blog or an email magazine such as this one, it can happen that complete strangers just send you their products. We do know why – if we like it, chances are we might write about it. This can include quite unusual things or things we have often seen, heard or drunk before. As happened with a bottle of Skin Gin. What in the world are we supposed to write about Gin? What’s special about that? Well, in the case of Skin Gin, quite a few things. There’s the elaborately designed bottle, for one, that is hand-wrapped in hot stamped leather foil by a small family business. Nice, but not quite enough for us. Gin is still Gin. We took the bottle home and tried some of it one lovely evening. Peppermint?! Lemon?! Coriander?! What might give Gin purists and British nobility the cold shivers actually turned out to be a true taste explosion. While classic gin gets its intense taste from juniper only, Skin Gin adds Moroccan mint as a second main note next to juniper berries as well as five further ingredients called botanicals. Citrus peel from Spanish oranges and grapefruits as well as limes and lemons from Italy and coriander from Vietnam, to be exact. Another special characteristic: instead of adding the botanicals to the wheat mash as is tradition, they are distilled separately in special equipment (called “Geistkorb”) that draws off the rising alcoholic vapours. This way, 100% of the essentials oils they contain can be extracted. The result is incredibly mild and intense. A taste explosion, just like we said. The next morning, none of us could quite remember how the evening had ended. But we all agreed it had been legendary. And there was no mean hangover to ruin the good mood, even though we’re talking about an alcoholic strength of approx. 42%. A good sign. We’re giving away one bottle of Skin Gin ‚Edition Blanc‘ to the particularly adventurous amongst you. Send us an email with the subject ‚PEPPERMINT PRINCE‘ to Cheers, my dears!
Skin Gin |  0,5 litre bottle 43,70 Euro | |

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