Seeing Through Your Eyes

How long until the milk in the fridge goes off? It says on the carton. When is the train leaving and from which platform? You can read that on the board. When is the number that I took finally going to be called up? Which shirt matches my outfit better: the white one or the black one? A look in the mirror helps. And while we’re at it: On which coat hanger is it in the wardrobe? These questions are all easily answered. If you can see. Many millions of people across the world live with complete blindness or a severe visual impairment. And even though that doesn’t mean being dependent on outside help anymore in the global North, there are often everyday situations in which some support can make life easier. The app bemyeyes makes use of modern technology in order to connect the seeing and the blind. And the principle is as simple as it could be. Blind or visually impaired users can order help in special or everyday situations 24 hours a day by pushing a button that connects them with a seeing user with the same time zone and language via video call. Am I holding the red sweater in my left or right hand? In which can are the tomatoes? What’s on this photograph? Bemyeyes sensibilises and helps to solve many little challenges for blind people in an astoundingly simple way. The application creates small moments of actual community and brings people together at eye-level – in the true sense of the word. User registration and an uncomplicated rating system ensure that only users with honest intentions use the app. Personal data of helpers is not revealed to other users. Download the app free of charge, help each other and get to know each other! Together is more.
bemyeyes | | Video | iTunes |

Photo: Emil Jupin


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24 Weeks


Get up now or snooze for another five minutes? Coffee with or without sugar? Hop on the bike or into the tube? We make a lot of decisions each day. Small moments of yes or no, considered and decided within seconds. And then there are moments when we face unsolvable questions. That threaten to put us completely off balance and our life to spin out of control. An abyss opens. And no one knows what to do. In her second feature film »24 Wochen«, film-maker Anne Zohra Berrached takes a closer look at one of those chasms. Julia Jentsch plays Astrid, a devoted cabaret artist, mother of a child, wife of Markus (played by Bjarne Mädel). When she is pregnant with her second child, she finds out it will be born disabled.  Astrid and Markus face a life-altering decision. Oppressive and heart-breaking, soul-touching and abysmal feelings form the visual language. This film brings us very close to the people and their emotions, their despair and their inability. Director Berrached intensified her demand for authenticity by letting real doctors and not actors play the medics in the film. The language is real. So is the confrontation. »24 Wochen« was the only German entry in the competition of the 66th Biennale. And convinces with its merciless approach of a topic that is a taboo to this day: Who decides over life and death? How far does selfishness go? How much can a person bear?  How much strain can a relationship endure? How much stress can you put on a family? We want to know everything. But what do we do with this knowledge?
24 Wochen |  Starting at cinemas on September 22nd, 2016 | Trailer | Facebook| Photo: Neue Visionen Filmverleih

Good Coffee

There are things that are simply practical. Elevators, for example. Velcro. The juicer. Or coffee capsules. The problem with the latter: they produce an incredible amount of rubbish and cause a more and more guilty conscience with every cup. Indulgence yes, ecocide no! The start-up Velibre produces sustainable organic fair trade coffee in Nespresso-compatible, bio-degradable coffee capsules from bio plastics. Makes you want to shout FINALLYYYYYY!!! And why on earth did it take so long? We had to wait for small start-up in Bremen to bring the coffee capsule world up to speed with the year 2016. Velibre uses neither genetically modified resources nor ones that rival farming spaces for food. The packaging is bio-degradable from A to Z: the capsules start decomposing in the ground at room temperature and in no way afflict the ecosystem. The velibre assortment has five flavours. Be it pure Arabica variations or melanges of Arabica and Robusta, for lungo or espresso: the high-quality certified organic coffee will satisfy any taste. We tested, sipped and liked. What else?!
velibre | 0,39€  per capsule | | Facebook


Siems Luckwaldt


The 2 Minute Interview

Business Punk? Siems Luckwaldt. Capital? Siems Luckwaldt. L’Officiel Homme? Siems Luckwaldt. Flair? Ok, we get where this is going. The man with the name that sounds like the hero of a big city column writes as a journalist for fashion, lifestyle, interviews and dossiers for the magazines mentioned above and many more. In addition, he produces editorial content for illustrious clients from the fashion and lifestyle area. The Hamburger native is proud as pie of his very own “Enough Magazine” that he got going together with his wonderful team. If you use the code word ‚muxmäuschenwild‘, you can download the current issue at half price here. At the moment, the third issue is being put together busily. After the focus has been on „change“ and „love“, this time it’s about all shades of the word „green“. We think that’s great and are taking this opportunity to ask all kinds of questions about sausages, changing the world and Cher. In that order and pretty damn inspiring.

Name: Siems Luckwaldt
Age: 38
Home: Hamburg
Profession: Journalist, columnist, publisher (sounds strangely boastful, but it’s true)
Shoe size: 43
Favourite word: virtually… Alternative: “That looks like a pound of sausages”

What can’t you get enough of?
The new.

What is good style?
Much more than fashion.

The best article you ever wrote?
That’s still to come, I hope, otherwise that would mean game over, virtually. I thought my portrait of Charlize Theron (appeared in Flair, issue 10/2015) was quite a success. Apart from that mostly articles that didn’t get a lot of attention.

What would you change immediately if you had the power to?
I would abolish power.

What forbidden thing should everyone have done once in their life?
Forbidden by whom? Law, morals, boss, mum? What doesn’t harm anyone else (or one’s self, best case) shouldn’t really need to be forbidden, should it?

The biggest problem with your generation?
I’ve just recently thought about that. I think our biggest problem is at the same time – that’s how I feel – a blessing: We grew up in a mostly analogue world, which I am thankful for, but are still “young” enough to not only understand the internet but to be part of helping to designing it. A kind of “generation in-between”.  Still being to able to think in more than 140 characters and having a longer span of attention than from one Pokémon-hotspot to the next is, in my view, definitely a strength.

The most exciting personality you’ve ever met?
The most exciting have often been those hardly anyone knows, not celebrities in the general sense. A few favourites: Diane von Fürstenberg, Marianne Williamson and Lisa Kristine (both for Enough), Florian Langenscheidt (for L’Officiel Hommes) and Candace Bushnell (for Flair).

Twitter, Youtube channels, social networks; why do we even need classical publications in the future?
I would have to ask: Why is there so much nonsense on those channels – apart from many exceptions, of course – and such a homoeopathic dose of the afore mentioned contents that are world-changing? The separation of classical and modern media – well, what exactly is modern anyway? – has really been redundant for the past five to ten years. I like stories that move, shake up, entrain, speak softly, have an important message, tell me about the life of a fellow human being that I would otherwise know nothing about. How that gets to me doesn’t really matter, especially in the year 2016.

Can words change the world?
Absolutely, otherwise we wouldn’t have given our magazine Enough the subtitle “Reading is change”. Because without words that make us think, rebut prejudices and broaden bottlenecks in our own horizons, that seize us emotionally, stir us and knock us over, no mind would ever move. And it’s the mind that controls the even more important actions. It all starts on a page. Even if it’s a page on a Kindle.

Which celebrity (dead or alive) would you like to interview? Anyone who knows me knows: Cher. For more reasons than „Believe“. And maybe Jane Goodall, who could tell me if we are really the “better” primates. And finally Stephen King, who would have to take me into his eerie-genius mind with him.

What would you cook for us if we came to visit you at home?
If I’m expecting you, probably Vietnamese summer rolls and a sweet potato curry. If you drop in unannounced, I would improvise with whatever’s in the fridge.

What are you afraid of?
I am afraid of fear itself, but try not to …

When was the last time you tried something new and what was it?
That’s easy in our profession. I can remember visiting a “hot iron” course for an article. That was in the mid-nineties. I almost collapsed under the heavy weight. Another first was our sabbatical in 2014, where we spent 6 months travelling 23,000 kilometres through the USA. With a tent in our luggage as well as enough memory cards for 14,000 photographs. Which are still waiting to be sorted :/

What should no one know about you?
You’d expect me to say: I won’t tell because then it wouldn’t be secret anymore. But I have to say that I am less willing to censor myself and my life with each year that passes.
I am what I am. Take it or leave it. Namasté.

Which question should we have asked?
Have I mentioned our fabulous and passionately produced magazine Enough? Yes? Okay. But have you visited or your favourite app store? See, good that I mentioned it. Honestly, and everyone goes on about the millennials’ short span of attention. Let’s go!

Last words:
Just three: Love and light.

Photo: Oliver Nimz Visuals

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Tree Houses of Your Dreams

We have a book standing in a shelf. It shouldn’t be there, because as an official coffee table book it should, of course, be lying directly on the little table in front of the couch. It features images of gorgeous architects’ flats and houses. Leafing through it inspires but always also leaves us feeling slightly wistful, that’s how far away theses oases of inspiration in brick and stone seem. What would it feel like to spend a night in a re-purposed chapel or barn, in a tree house or the private rooms of an award-winning architect? The 8-headed team of the website Urlaubsarchitektur collects and presents architecturally outstanding holiday and guest houses all over Europe. This one, for example: a re-purposed chapel with a modern interior in the middle of the green and secluded countryside of north-east England. Or the compact guest flat in the Rote Scheune on the banks of the charming lake Oberuckersee – just 70 kilometres from Berlin and equipped with amenities such as a fireplace and its own garden. Exclusive homes such as Zumthors holiday houses at 1500 metres in the mountains of Grisons are also featured – and have a certain price, of course. But luxury isn’t the credo of the initiators. The objects are selected by their architectural standard. Individuality, thought-out concepts and implementations as well as unusual ideas make it into this exquisite collection. So there is something fitting every taste and every budget. Booking, by the way, is always through the owner, not the website. And oh, there are the tree houses: in a Slovenian lime tree in the middle of Germany’s capital or a Lower Saxon Glamping-Loft. The choice is yours.
urlaubsarchitektur | |

Facebook | Photo: Rote Scheune


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Divine Food

Our beloved Gestalten Books have just published ‚Abrahams Küche‘ (the English original is called Divine Food), a cookbook that is so much more than that. It is the manifestation of cultural commonalities in a region that never tires of emphasising the learnt, unsurmountable differences between its inhabitants. It is a journey through the promised land: from local markets and Arabian traditions to the nomadic cuisine of the desert regions and the hip restaurants in Tel Aviv. Because Israelis and Palestinians are united by their outstanding and dynamic culinary culture. Hummus? Everyone loves it be it here or there. The (attention!) Isreali-Palestininan cuisine has a unique abundance of flavours. Where trade routes once crossed, culinary intersections also came into being. Be it Shakshuka, Challa or Baklava – the regional recipes give an insight into the preparation as well as the origin of iconic dishes. The comprehensible and beautifully illustrated recipes and the anecdotes and background stories from applied geography make it easy to let the aromas of the Mediterranean-Oriental cuisine carry you away and introduce you to its traditions. Food? Unites! Families, friends, strangers, cities and yes, cultures. What would Berlin, for example, be without the culinary identity-mix of Döner-Thai-Schnitzel-Pasta-Indian-Currywurst? Right, pretty boring. Berlin cuisine? Here it is! Berlin unity? This is what it tastes like! Culinary culture means identity. Traditional recipes are like little culinary manifestations of a cultural unity. Even, and particularly, if that is officially non-existent although is has been there for millennia. We’re giving away an issue of this new primer for culinary international relations hot off the press. Send us an email headlining ‚BETEAVONSAKHA‘ to
Abrahams Küche | 304 Pages, 35 Euro | Published by Gestalten Books |


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Tim Renner



The 2 Minute Interview

There are politicians that have as much in common with their portfolio as well as, let’s say Bratwurst with the colour blue. In Berlin, that’s different – at least where culture is concerned. Because that’s a top priority and therefore a matter for the governing mayor. But because he, in the best case, is busy governing, there needs to be someone competent to take care of Berlins most important advantage of proximity. As a music producer, Tim Renner discovered and supported bands such as Tocotronic, Sportfreunde Stiller or Rammstein, was managing director of Universal Music in Germany, held a chair at the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg, founded and created the legendary and game-changing Motor Entertainment and, since April 2014, is Berlin’s Secretary of State for Cultural Affairs. Phew, just quickly need to catch our breath. Conclusion: the right man in the right post. Whether that will stay that way is up to the eligible Berliners voting on Sunday. Speaking of which, we took the chance to ask how one wins elections these days. And, of course, about saving the planet, basic income and the famous lonely island. Conclusion of the conclusion: Go and vote!

Name: Tim Renner
Age: 51
Home: Berlin
Profession: Miscellaneous
Shoe size: 42,5
Favourite venue: Maxim Gorki Theater, Schaubühne Berlin
Contact: via the Bureau

Do we have to have to address a Secretary of State formally?
Definitely (laugh)!

What would you like to be better at?
I’d like to be a little more patient – that would help in politics…

Can art save the world?
Who or what else could?

How does one win elections in 2016?
In the social media. Unfortunately, right wing parties have understood that best.

The biggest problem of your generation is:
We’re not growing up. And at the same time, it’s our biggest asset.

Why is digital better?
Because Tocotronic already realised that in 1995.

What are you proud of?
My children.

Please complete: Culture is to Berlin…
… What pizza and pasta are to Italy.

The famous lonely island, an iPod, three songs. Which ones?
Love will tear us apart, Love will tear us apart, Love will tear us apart.

You meet your 18-year old self. Which advice do you give yourself?
Study longer to have more free time. When I was 18, there were no standard periods of study…

With which celebrity (dead or alive) would you like to go out for a cup of coffee with?
Herbert von Karajan.

What would you cook for us if we came to visit you at home?
Whatever is in the fridge. I am both loved and feared for my creative cuisine.

What would you change if you had the power to?
I would dare to introduce basic income.

What should no one know about you?
Exactly how strictly I follow traffic regulations when I’m on my bike.

What question should we have asked?
How one manages to look good in old age (giggle).

Last words: Amen.

Foto: Senatskanzlei für Kulturelle Angelegenheit

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Side By Side With You

There’s this moment when the lights in the concert hall are dimmed, the last cough fades away and the polyphonic chatter turns into silence. It’s the moment when the conductor lifts his baton. The collective intake of breath before the first note sounds. This moment can’t be compared to the heated atmosphere, the cheering mouths, the hooting fans that herald the first strokes of a rock or Hip Hop concert. On the 14th of September, however, these two different atmospheres are being brought together for one night at the Konzerthaus Berlin. Thanks to conductor JIMEK, rapper Mo Trip and the Berliner Konzerthausorchester. Lebanon meets Poland, flow meets beat, Hip Hop meets classical music. The Polish composer JIMEK enjoyed an education in classical instruments early on, but developed a passion for Jazz and Hip Hop thanks to his parents’ record collection. He tinkered and sampled and realised that an orchestra is the best sample there is. The climax of all this tinkering: the „History of Hip Hop-Medley“ with a full orchestra. This piece will also be played at the Gendarmenmarkt. The focus, however, will lie on the Beirut-born rap poet Mo Trip. Together, they not only re-arranged selected songs from Mo Trips successful albums „Embryo“ and „Mama“ for the orchestra but also wrote three new songs exclusively for these fulminant sounds. Enchanting voices, sophisticated lyrics, pompous tones, the right beat, feelings, atmosphere, melodies. Is it classical music? Is it Hip Hop? Does it matter? Because everything is music and music is everything.
MOTRIP orchestrated by JIMEK |  September 14th 2016, 8 p.m. | Großer Saal, Konzerthaus Berlin, Gendarmenmarkt, 10117 Berlin | Tickets ab 27 € | | Foto: Sascha Haubold



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Sheer Horror




„He has his father’s eyes“ – that is moment in which everything goes haywire in Polanski’s horror classic „Rosemary’s Baby“. Just like the one in which Lila Crane realises that Norman Bates’ mother is anything but alive. Or when Samara comes crawling out of the television in “The Ring”. We love and hate those moments in which we really want to run and hide but just can’t stop watching. We want the horror. The creeps, the shudders, the pounding heart. Speaking of Samara: breaking through the seemingly safe telly screen was such a genius stylistic device because it robbed us of the fourth wall. What if the horror is no longer encased in the TV, monitor or display but all around me, proximate and real? The Swedish director Jakop Ahlbom and his ensemble are bringing the thrill of the movie genre to the theatre stage. The piece HORROR is an homage to the scary movie, an ode to the obsession that ruthlessly involves the viewer, leaving him unprotected. It tells the story of a woman who returns to the house of her family where she was tortured for years. An empty house during a stormy night. The soulless woman confronts her past – all the way to the bloody end. It’s horror without words. Dance, pantomime, light effects and music completely replace dialogues. The actors succeed in creating a breath-taking atmosphere with their mere presence. The piece has everything horror needs: reference to the greats of the genre, drama, fear, inevitability, shock and mind games. But also splattering blood, zombie fights, surrealism and absurd humour. We say: go and see this! But make sure to file your nails first, otherwise you might seriously injure your neighbour when you clutch his arm in fear.
HORROR –  A breath-taking nightmare |  September 13th – 18th 2016 | Deutsches Theater München, Schwanthalerstraße 13, 80336 München | | Facebook

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Cherry Picking


First! Incessantly, messages, words, comments vie for our attention and thereby degrade themselves to background noise. Because before content threatens to drown us, we’d rather stay at the surface. Sharing is easier than reading. Is there no time for critical reflection?! One could almost come to the conclusion that all that counts is the fast coverage of something – no matter whether author or medium have a relevant relationship to a topic or actually have something to contribute to it. On Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, we filter friends and subscriptions. But how can we filter which article on a certain topic actually deserves our time? What’s inside – real value or just copy & paste? PIQD from Munich is practically the alternative draft to the range-optimised algorithms of social networks. Curators from journalism, science and politics recommend and comment on the best content in the web and explain what is worth reading and why. On, you can browse through cannels such as web and politics, Europe, flight and banishment or “Love, Sex and Us” and look into selected and curator-commented articles (Piqs!). Each curator recommends no more than one article per day. Even better: sign up for the free newsletter and configure it to your own needs by selecting topics. By the way, the founder of PIQD is Konrad Schwingenstein, grandson of August Schwingenstein, one of the co-founders of the Süddeutscher Verlag and main investor of the Schwingenstein Stiftung, which advocates further education and services for independent journalists. Somebody is really serious about this. Word!
PIQD | | Sign up

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